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  1. looks like ill be going with 2 9000lh lagunas thanks for helping guys
  2. hi, im just setting up my new tanks and about to get 2 new sump pumps. are ppl still thinking laguna is the way to go? what other pump are you guys using? Thanks
  3. has any one used the Fluval SEA Sump Pump? Good or Bad? [h=1][/h]
  4. [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] you guys have them for $615 and do we get %10 off that for being on qldaf?
  5. I run my heater next to the pumps but will work any where in the sump run the jap mat under the socks and shouldn't have clean the noodles if your running the socks b4 them
  6. Section 1 - nothing, just water, flowing into two outlets to section 2; Add K1 and a air stone Section 2 - 2 filtering 'sock' thingy's; can add some jap mat but leave the socks Section 3 - A bag of ceramic noodles (doesn't fill the section); add more noodles or other media and remove from the bag Section 4 - the return pump
  7. Jay Car will have every thing you need.
  8. thanks for turning it around, i put alot of time into getting it all set up the way i wanted it
  9. they are rattley and far from silent i had the 90l/min be for i got the V60 and V20 the V60 pumped just as much air as the 90l did
  10. Only way you can tell its on are the bubbles in the tank
  11. what fish? I have 2 6x2x2 running on 4 380s in ea for grow outs, I would run a Hailea V20 Air Pump @ only 15W of power will give more air then need but room to run more tanks off later
  12. I do it in my SA tanks as that's what I fill the tank with as well
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