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  1. Calculate Aquarium Glass Thickness - Custom tanks are great investments | Aquarium Tools use this to work out the weight of the glass and when its filled it wont give u a weight for rocks filters substrait or the likes but it will give u an idea of the filled tanks weight it wont work using a phone or ipad u will need to use it on a lappy or pc
  2. you know said sunshine coast breeder is just a reseller he tells so many lies its not funny .... the fish u bought from him were bred on the coast and the parents were imported from asia as asain red peacocks ........ sorry to hear about ya daughter not good at all
  3. you got some german red rubins from a guy off facebook a while ago do you have any fry from them yet if so how much
  4. all these suggestions are the same more work for someone else, who is going to do the said work? from the data entry so you can all see whats coming up, then what happens when person xyz didn't bring the bag of fish abc thats been entered into the system the biggest issue i can see here is everyone is willing to pipe up and tell everyone how to do it better by suggesting something but they never get off their ass and actually do the hard yards putting the time and effort into achieving the suggestions data entry for 150 boxes of fish at 10 bags per box with matching pictures on the day of the even is not feasible unless there is 3 people doing the data entry and who of you is going to have a list of fish prepared for the data entery people say 6 hrs b4 the auction starts ...... epic fail unless you want to pay said people then it comes down to more comission and there si plenty complaining about losing 20% when they can sell here or facebook with no money loss
  5. alcohol ???? what are most of the venues? and laws regarding alcohol on these venues ? once alcohol is included there come into rsa laws as well as getting the license and someone to hold a RMLV license (not cheap) then u need more public liability insurance as well as bouncers/ security guards and cops start showing up people getting busted drink driving once leaving the School .... so drinking to me is 1 that will never be allowed giving a list of what fish your intending to sell prior to the auction : who gets to spend the say 3 or 4 days b4 the auction sorting the list and lining up photos to match the fish ( its all volunteers) and do they need to be paid for the time and efforts how does the club re coup that cost ? increase the commission advertising : how many shops are actually keen on advertising something that is in direct competition to them ? that would be like asking 1 of the site heres sponsors to advertise for a sale that another sponsor is having there are a couple points that i dont agree with and cant see being changed in the foreseeable future however limiting the number of items/lots each seller can sell has its merits means less over all and might help to drive up prices and helps the auction finish b4 the sun comes up
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. your wife will be pleased to see the back end of you for the day so its a win win all round
  8. 4x2x2 is not 120x60x60 its actually 122x61x61 there is a difference
  9. if any1 still has any of these i'd be keen on some more of them ....... dont care what any1 thinks of them i likem they are a nice fish better to look at than any red zeb ive owned
  10. since i stripped the original 9 fry of which 8 got smashed by an angry humphead male, i have stripped another 2 batches of eggs 2 survived from the second batch but i killed the first lot in the tumbler, the 1 remaining fry from the first batch is around 3 cm no and the other 2 fry that i kept alive are about 1 cm
  11. Dacron or wadding from spotlight or fabric shops
  12. take the bulkhead hole eg 25mm bulkhead l x w x2.5 divide by 1000 6x2x bulkhead so 183x61x2.5 12.65 ltrs per tank plus a bit extra for the pipe work back to the tank from the pump
  13. its alot cheaper than any shop can do and they cant supply with a polished top like i can [MENTION=6988]th3f0rg0t3n[/MENTION]
  14. that would be me and i can do that tank you want but i have a slight issure atm my glass supplier is getting married in 15 hrs or 3 pm saturday then going on his honeymoon for a couple weeks
  15. its a massive tank its about 400kg empty .... im only a little fella and i struggled helping james move the base into place the sides weren't too bad but still heavy enough, but what was worse when we moved a panel and it slipped off the foam onto my foot nailed my big toe but at least i could now get a hand under the glass to lift it i think im sick the day he wants to lift it onto the stand actually i know im sick that day
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