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  2. I bought my first cichlids from mick, hope he comes back he had the best quality fish

  3. I dont have much work on at the moment and have some spare time, depending on what size fish they are and how many i may be able to do it next week. i have an account with AaE and oxygen. send me a PM
  4. Well it really depends on how much you want to spend.. Of course the Eheim filters are the standout but if you cant afford one of them at the time like me, then most of the other filters mentioned will do a great job providing they are filled with good media. I have 2 fluval 405 which have been running for a couple of years now with very good results. As media i use the wool that comes in it, matrix and purigen. One is on a 200L corner tank and it keeps the water crystal clear even if i add a new piece of wood the purigen removes the tannins from the water. And in the other i just used the wool that comes in it some ceramic rings and some matrix. I had this one running on a overstocked 300L tank with 60+ demasoni @ 7cm+ and it ran without problems. I waterchanged 20% once a fortnight and the nitrate was under 20ppm most of the time. Now i have that one running on my 6x2x2 with an aqua nova 2000Lph cannister filled with aquaclay which is not a bad filter IMO, they are a chinese copy of an eheim. The 2 together filter it really well. I guess its like they say you get what you pay for. The more you spend the better quality, longer lasting products you will get.
  5. Nice pics George. is that mangrove jack the big guy thats like a meter long?
  6. she didnt hold but this is one of the smaller girls at around 15cm and it was her first spawn, i have been feeding them up on brine shrimp and did a big waterchange the other day so hopefully they will go again soon.
  7. they grow big and are very fast swimmers therefore they will need a big tank. i used to catch heaps of them 4ft+ and around 12-15kg at night back when i lived in mackay. they are really fun to catch they leap 6 foot out of the water without a problem, so have good strong lids on your tank. they can live in freshwater but prefer brackish even salt water.
  8. Nice pics! that red oscar is one of the best ive seen in ages!
  9. calvus are known to be touchy to changes in water quality, things like temperature and your basic water parameters (ammonia,nitrite,nitrate) need to be kept good otherwise it can lead to deaths. its definately going to be the ammonia, so id be removing whatever is rotting and doing a 50% waterchange using seachem prime. make sure you heat the water to the same temp as the tank so you dont cause more problems for them. Good luck
  10. haha, im pretty sure theyre L134 a fair few people have confirmed it now. so its all good, thanks anyways. Thanks Brengun, the endlers dont stay still, theyre very hard to get a decent pic of. i got heaps of blurry ones trying to get these 2 pics..
  11. heres a few pics from my catfish tank endler guppys Leopard Frog Plecos And a bonus ikola fronny headshot
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