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  1. Hey Donny, I have just shared the image via photo bucket let me know what you think.

    Cheers Peter

  2. Start a photo bucket account mate, and then link me to your upload.

  3. IIs not allowing me to send the pic is there another way to send the pic to you

  4. Yea send us this picture!

  5. Hey Donny, im kinda stuck on an id fish been told its a ob peacock but it doesnt look like 1. Is it possible to send you a pic?

  6. Hey Legoman, was wondering how much were you looking for your breeding setup?

  7. Hey Hey Doug, how has everything been mate? Im chasing some more yellows to add to the other colony I got from you and I was wondering do you have any blue dolpin bbreedrs for sale?

    Cheers peter

  8. Hey mate, I was wondering could I get a pic of the medium size electric yellows please?

  9. Hey Doug, was just wondering do you have an more awesome colonies up for sale apart from electric yellows?

    Cheers Peter

  10. Hi Peter, I have sent you a PM. Cheers, Doug

  11. Hey Doug, my name is Peter, James spoke to you yesterday about trying to organise a colony of 10 2m 8f of your beautiful electric yellows?

  12. Hey bud, im keen on your heaters. Sold to me if they are available still please pm me back so I know thanks.

  13. Hey mate, was wondering if your heaters are still for sale?

  14. I have no idea how to move this post to dry goods
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