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  1. How far is Greenbank from you and what are you like for time tomorrow/Monday? Interested in yellow cherries.

    Cheers, zenon

  2. Hi interested in 144 LF pairs can you please PM me some details or feel free to give me a call on 0412278617

  3. Apistogramma, crenicara, rams, dicrossus fair few to chose from. Some breeders here with good stock but should not be overtly dear at LFS's, maybe some apistogramma you will find pricey but cacatuoides/agassizii/borellii/macmasteri/panduro are cheapish depending on quality and easy to start with.
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  6. mendezi babeh's! Bloodworm is fine just dont feed it every day... Havent been breeding as long as Daydream but can say there is no concern. Live juvenile earthworms work well too. Oh and dither fish - pencilfish work great.
  7. above posts are correct. Eriocaulon cinereum from memory (forgive spelling)
  8. hmmm I love the open sand zones and wood cover. Some geophagus would be mint, school of tetras or pencilfish and maybe a pair or harem of apistogramma, a bit partial to apistos (no idea on your water out of the tap though) Can i emphasise for your first "real" tank you should be proud of the hardscape alone dont be deterred on what fish to chose Its looks great.
  9. rainwater PH id assume is pretty close to perfect for discus (correct if wrong). Do you use CO2? Dose? what plants are doing well and what plants are suffering? Substrate?
  10. do you have a local landscape supply business?
  11. hahaha man i had the same feeling when i started my organics business and sourcing supplies. But best thing to do is to just tell them the nuts and bolts. The tuscan path stone described is marble. So if you ask for marble you get marble. My local supplier has a 20kg bag for $20 or small bags for $4. Propogating sand - Go to your landscape supplier and buy a bag could be anything from $4-$8 for a 20kg bag. Anyone that stocks searles brands should have it also. Mitre 10 should have organic or original dynamic lifter, it will be in a 20kg bag or thereabouts and set you back $16-$20~ but they should have it, but if not, go to wollworths or coles
  12. maybe put a WTB post in trading section for a response
  13. While i agree with tech den that social media is important can i please ask why this site, with its abundance of members and confirmed email, does not utilise mail merge? You have a direct contact method with a higher chance of hitting target audience than by chance they checking facebook and hoping they have allowed updates from advertised pages. Markets work both ways seller and buyer. I regularly attend markets and have done for many years. A big draw card for a seller is to see what the organising committee has done to pull the consumer. I would happily for example donate a decent fish for a raffle/charity of the day/lucky dip if it meant an increase to my exposure. Guest speakers are another idea and try and get (if possible) local schools and charities involved, they have incredible clout when it comes to word of mouth. Let them run a raffle, door donations ect. This platform is really worth sticking at so I hope it does go again as its social focus is what people crave - interaction!
  14. Quick Q Im running out of tank space and would like to know if 134s and 104s are ok to place in same tank (4ft). Will they cross, cant find anything in books or other pages. Cheers
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