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  1. Wow... It would be awesome to see, but devastating for native populations of fish and those poor manatees (I think that is what I heard). If that happened to tropical waters in Queensland, goodbye platypus and heaps of other sensitive life forms. I was talking with an older lady a few years ago who lived in Stanthorpe who was given 5 goldfish to care for while the owner was overseas on a mission trip. The trip got extended and something happened which prevented them from returning for several years. She didn't want to care for them for that long, so released them into the local creek that runs through the town. She was born and raised in a spanish speaking country (can't remember which) and had no idea of the consequences of this type of practice. She honestly thought she was doing the right thing for the fish and that it was a 'happy ever after' story. I didn't say much, as she was my elder, but I was fuming inside at the thought of them breeding in large numbers, digging up the mud and polluting the creek for generations.
  2. It's always easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. What about some discus? Or are you more into fish with character?
  3. You need to make sure that the hiding places are good enough that your male Lombardoi can't see the ones he's picking on while they're hiding. Small caves made from flat sandstone or slate are rarely good enough. Many of your fish are not good at hiding for very long, so wander out and get harassed again. MFF's advice is sound. Are the electric yellows stressing about being bullied? If you had more of them, the bullying would be watered down a bit. My tank has mostly dolphins and electric yellows and Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus (not sure of their nickname...) and a few julies. They go well together, with the main aggressor being a solitary and sexually frustrated leleupi that I thought was male, but not be. Shim is the boss, but doesn't chase relentlessly. I have larger slabs of thin sandstone that I stand up to create large divides that are easy to hang beside and stay out of sight for a while. Lombardoi are great looking fish and I love how they the dominant male changes colour. When I had them, they ended up killing each other unfortunately. They were good breeders for a while though. Saulosi's also do this, but are the opposite way around (yellow females and juvis with the dominant male turning to blue with black stripes). I didn't find them quite so aggressive from memory.
  4. I have 8 kuhli loaches with my kid's 4 angel fish, along with some mollies. The loaches go psyco when the food sinks to the bottom! There are also some synodontis petricola that are there to get bigger until they can be safely put in my cichlid tank. In years past, I tried barbs, but they shredded the fins on the angels. Around the same time, I had clown loaches. They constantly hassling the angels, not being mean to them, they were just having fun AT them (not with them). I left them all together though, because it was great to watch. If you can grow plants, like swords, thick val and java fern, they look great. I have blue stricta at the moment which looks pretty good with them.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been looking at your forum for many years, but only felt the need to post now. Looking for some Africans that are a little different that what I can get at my LFS. Been keeping Africans and regular cichlids since I was 14. Several tanks around the walls of my wife's house. She doesn't understand my love of them. They are 'just fish'...
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