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  1. was the same as pics above this arvo and came back to below.
  2. what is the white pimply looking things around the eyes on the blue sapphire angel (think that's it colouration). he still eats and behaves like normal.
  3. i got this eel from an gumtree add among other fish and not sure what it is. the guy i got it from said he caught it in a nearby creek some yrs ago.tank if pic is 1 ft long. i wanna know what it is? would be ok with clown loaches and angelfish? also posted on facebook page not sure if that's a no no but just want an answer so i can move him. final_5d52d3659ef62b00144b1838_305145.mp4
  4. how do u find out about these auctions? i only found a fb page sayin it was on then on friday sayin it was cancelled.
  5. the problem is if it leaks then it may cause problems... think the whole risk problem is bull**** but have to work it out with the insurance people.
  6. congratz and like a good supplier. wish i could go setup co2 but i hit a brickwall as the house i live in is also a childcare and is considered a risk to the children...
  7. it doesn't seem that the fault was with the regulator as long as what grubs said is correct. was it the o-ring? did keg king tell you what the actual problem was when u returned it? other than that it seems ok from what grubs and pony-tail said and ur case seemed u may of drawn the short straw which can be the case for any product.
  8. Anyone tried this model: http://kegking.com.au/co2-cylinders/aquarium-regulator-co2-with-magnetic-solenoid-valve.html or should i go to AoA and get a well known one from them?
  9. about that prolamps, i went to their site did u call/email them to find about the tombstone sockets? i couldn't find them in the accessories, it says contact them not sure where else they would be. might make it t8 (the bigger one?) and get adapters for it to switch between the 2 types and see which one i prefer or even mix them. might try that so i can change between all 3 types. thanks
  10. These are the two i plan (already bought) read somewhere "plants absorb light mostly at 430nm (Blue) and 662nm (Red)" fluora: http://www.osram.com.au/_apps/products/product_details_tab.jsp?productId=ZMP_60397&classificationId=GPS01_1027900&coid=424771 biolux: http://www.osram.com.au/_apps/products/product_details_tab.jsp?productId=ZMP_60347&classificationId=GPS01_1027899&coid=424778
  11. yeh that might be a good idea but might get one of gum tree or something (might be cheapest way to get ballast, wiring etc like u said. )? not sure about cheaper for sockets, standard tombstone sockets at bunnings was $5 and the only other place i found that sold them were selling them for $11 or $13 each. so thanks for the tip ill call around and see if i can get em that way. other issue is not sure how readily available grow lights are for t5 i heard they are more efficient but im not in the mood to go searching for them since it took me awhile to find a decent tube for plant growth that is easy to get and cheaper than pet shops so i can replace it each year as people suggest. according to posts (think it might have been on this site) they suggest biolux, so i will go with a tried and tested one. http://www.bunnings.com.au/osram-36w-biolux-fluorescent-tube_p4320431
  12. Yeah they both are 36W T8s. ty, thought lights without starters meant they had short lives or flickered.
  13. i've been looking at building a new 4ft fluoro light.reasons: 1 - tank is slightly smaller than the bulb including pins (~1.5cm, normal light would have to rest on bulb which is dangerous) 2 - slimmer so light uses less space, as it will be a separate layer between tank and plastic hood which i don't want to cut it. 3 - bulbs i want (orsam-biolux and fluora only come in 4ft, 3ft no longer made) basically want it to be similar to: http://www.malawicichlidhomepage.com/aquainfo/fluorescent_light.html probably won't but might go with the ballast in: http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/diy-aquarium/how-get-more-light-cheaply-diy-90585/ i personally found it hard to search for the parts and it took me a while to find the sockets in the first link which happened to be from an overseas website. i personally would to get it locally but can't find any. so if anyone knows where i could get em it would be appreciated. where i found em: http://www.svetila.com/en/electrical-components-973/lampholders-975/lampholders-g13-t8-1117/lampholder-g13-107958-screw-ring-and-foot-9547.html what material would be best (for price) as a reflector? im looking at: http://www.bunnings.com.au/consolidated-alloys-150-x-0-3mm-x-10m-weatherflash_p1100453 are there any better options? before i commit to buying the parts i would like to know if there are better options. so any info will be appreciated. also, are starters needed along with a ballast?
  14. pothos plant aka devils ivy. i've never done it but it seems pretty commonly grown in external filters. just take a look at google.
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