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  1. well i had a heater goin and found out it was electrocuting the water when i went to feed them, strangely and thankful that none of the fish died.
  2. already found that out, it been lowered again. lookin for a new place/way to have it high up. the vibration was goin down the side of the house through the wall i guess cos was told they couldn't sleep even though they were further away from the pump than i was.
  3. did see some wood diy ones but thought that if not done correctly would probably rot (well bottom track at least). was thinking the 10mm aluminium channel and just put up with having to push one panel back and the other forward so they can pass each other. gonna try and test with some small channel pieces just haven't got around to testing.
  4. i could try velcro, not sure how that will work outdoors but might be a better option than the sliding acrylic as i am having a hard time finding 2 channel 3 meters long.
  5. I took ur advice on raising it and extending the flexible piping. I still need to organise the piping better but is this all good?
  6. i want to attach the acrylic panels i got to the stand for the winter to reduce cooling rate. i can't decide the best way to do it; as i want to still be able to access the bottom tanks to feed but want light in and reduced exposure to the outside temp. thinking hinges or tracks to slides but unsure if they are any good or if there is any better options. think panels are too large for hinges and tracks leave a decent size gap and not exactly sure how to attach them. any suggestions/alternative ideas will be much appreciated. thanks.
  7. this is the 3rd lot of egg, previous 2 weren't fertile (went white). i thought it was because the koi was the male and wasn't old enough but now im pretty sure the koi is a female as i saw her layin eggs and looks like the female in illustrated pic attached. the platinum looks to have male genitalia but seems to either to not be up to the task or another female. should i separate them and try different partners or am i just being impatient?
  8. @aquaholic99 thanks ill change to a longer pipe. searched silicone sleeves came up with some sus results such as "penis clamping clips" to covers for drink bottles. is there a place or more relevant search term for the item ur talking about.
  9. @Munruben1 thanks for all the help. in regards to the pieces if u wanna get rid of em ill be more than happy to take otherwise its best u keep it, never know when ur gonna need them again.
  10. don't know where u get either of those pieces, but tried the hot water trick. which i think worked well enough that i can't even change the angle of the elbow joint so don't think need the zip ties or those metal things. edit: were check valves used on each 4mm airline or on the poly?
  11. how did u connect the poly pipe to the pump. the output is too small for 25 mm poly and too large for 19 mm. how did u start your connection to poly? @Munruben1 u said u started with 20 mm clear pipe and went straight to 19 mm connector? cos i can't seem to connect mine (i think its 20 mm unlabelled pipe i have at home).
  12. thanks both, gonna do that for the mean time till i expand/move. should save time/money @Munruben1 thanks i think i have all the pieces i need to that was wondering how poly connected to standard airlines. never thought of zip tying the connections will definitely do that thanks. @Slipshodman i might do that since i will have excess air (sounds weird saying that) and plan on putting it outside. no pump cover i assume?
  13. thats exactly what i wanting to know, thanks. have u tried other options to compare or find any downsides? if not ill probs give it a go
  14. i just bought an airlab air pump and am wondering whats the best piping option. ring main at this point is not an option. as tanks are in odd places and outside. see a lot of pvc as an option. rather not as im not sure how long i'm going to keep this set up. is irrigation (black piping) usable or does it have to be high pressure piping (assuming that is usable)? everything has to be glued regardless of material? should i just stick with 4mm silicone piping?
  15. was the same as pics above this arvo and came back to below.
  16. what is the white pimply looking things around the eyes on the blue sapphire angel (think that's it colouration). he still eats and behaves like normal.
  17. i got this eel from an gumtree add among other fish and not sure what it is. the guy i got it from said he caught it in a nearby creek some yrs ago.tank if pic is 1 ft long. i wanna know what it is? would be ok with clown loaches and angelfish? also posted on facebook page not sure if that's a no no but just want an answer so i can move him. final_5d52d3659ef62b00144b1838_305145.mp4
  18. how do u find out about these auctions? i only found a fb page sayin it was on then on friday sayin it was cancelled.
  19. the problem is if it leaks then it may cause problems... think the whole risk problem is bull**** but have to work it out with the insurance people.
  20. congratz and like a good supplier. wish i could go setup co2 but i hit a brickwall as the house i live in is also a childcare and is considered a risk to the children...
  21. it doesn't seem that the fault was with the regulator as long as what grubs said is correct. was it the o-ring? did keg king tell you what the actual problem was when u returned it? other than that it seems ok from what grubs and pony-tail said and ur case seemed u may of drawn the short straw which can be the case for any product.
  22. Anyone tried this model: http://kegking.com.au/co2-cylinders/aquarium-regulator-co2-with-magnetic-solenoid-valve.html or should i go to AoA and get a well known one from them?
  23. about that prolamps, i went to their site did u call/email them to find about the tombstone sockets? i couldn't find them in the accessories, it says contact them not sure where else they would be. might make it t8 (the bigger one?) and get adapters for it to switch between the 2 types and see which one i prefer or even mix them. might try that so i can change between all 3 types. thanks
  24. These are the two i plan (already bought) read somewhere "plants absorb light mostly at 430nm (Blue) and 662nm (Red)" fluora: http://www.osram.com.au/_apps/products/product_details_tab.jsp?productId=ZMP_60397&classificationId=GPS01_1027900&coid=424771 biolux: http://www.osram.com.au/_apps/products/product_details_tab.jsp?productId=ZMP_60347&classificationId=GPS01_1027899&coid=424778
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