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  1. I wouldn't worry about that amphipod it's a pretty good sign your tanks in good nick. My first tank was covered in them and never caused drama
  2. It's amazing how most reefers do what that can to keep algae out of the tank but you introduce it. It's cool and nice colours
  3. I got my tank from pet city and thay do sell seperate parts for these tanks. I'd ask if you can just buy one from one of there stock because that can be useless/takes ages to get orders in tho. Are you talking about the o-rings that slip over the drain and return pipes? If so just go get an o-ring kit from bursons parts or a bolt place no waiting than
  4. Nice good to see your adding to the salt tank mate! Just do what I say to the misses all the time. "I needed it otherwise all the coral and fish we spent good money on might not last the year out" hahaha but I must admit the misses is pretty gullabull when it comes to aquariums
  5. Haha the gsp I got a drag from is a green Iv never seen from gsp before. The Dallas you are right it still is the weed lol but it looks and grows pretty quick so
  6. Yer slowly getting there. I'd put that fungia on the bottom of your tank that can puff themselves up and float with the flow
  7. Oh and the weed your talking about I'm assuming it's the gsp mat lol. Can't have a reef tank with gsp on the back wall. For some reason I used to hate gsp with a passion but now I'm hooked on the stuff haha
  8. Yer the good old Dallas such an awesome coral. All the sps have crazy polyp extension so far looks wicked
  9. The second pic doesn't do it justice it's wicked! An aqua green with pink tips and pink polyps
  10. A few pics of some new sps and a Duncan coral Iv added
  11. If just be careful with eBay China LEDs! Some are good and some are bad. The information on the lights it's not always the case. It doesn't give you the par reading which counts. If I were you I'd save your penny's and get a brand well known to the hobby. There's some cheapish LEDs in stores that will grow lps and softies have a chat with the boys from age of aquariums
  12. I hope u got deep pockets haha but if you can do it why not I back you up because at the end of the day we like to enjoy our tanks as a hobby not a chore. I'm slowly getting my reef tank to self maintain apart from water changes and stuff
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