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  1. Half a dozen plants, driftwood, few types of corydoras and some bristle-nose's. Spewing I didn't take more cash was some cheap L numbers at the end of the night to all the people that made the night happen
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  3. Never been to a auction planning on going this Saturday pretty excited what sort of fish will be up for auction? A good variety? Are plants up for auction too? Never been to an auction in general what's the go do u sign up to bid and pick up ur fish when u leave or straight away? Hurry up Saturday
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  5. Update: I took the divider out and within 5/10 mins the pigeon blood and the orange melon are swimming around together and doing a lot of shimmering eating together.. the pigeon blood has darken up around the edges too. I thought once I took the divider out all hell would break loose again but to my surprise there is no aggression in my tank at all, so far anyway..
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  7. The stone is about 3 inches long and 2 inches high so it's not really a big stone. The p blood that is tending to the eggs has a much larger vent than the other p blood so I'm 99% sure that's the female and the other two look like males to me but I'm only guessing on that.
  8. Thank you that'sright it all makes a lot more sense now. I just assumed if I had eggs they had bred. i didn't even think about the eggs being fertilized. I said I was a discus noob:p When you say if "If its on a large pebble or round stone laying flat on the bottom would be a bit different" what do u mean by that exactly?? because the eggs are on a round smooth pebble laying on the bottom of tank and are laid on the vertical side of the pebble. I'm gunna keep a better eye on them today and try and work out who is the pair. I noticed a few of the eggs have gone white but the majority of them are a off white creamy color, the eggs would be an orange color if they were fertilized ? Pretty keen to try and work this all out and try an breed them eventually
  9. I'm so confused as to what two fish bred :confused: before I turned the light off all of them were shimmering on n off and the two p bloods kept what looked like kissing each other, attacking each others lips.. But the p blood that is looking after the eggs won't let the other p blood near them so that makes me think they aren't the pair but I've never bred discus before so I really don't know.. Im so confused, i would of thought that if the two p bloods did breed they would be both looking after the eggs.. I'm thinking if the melon did breed with the p blood I should put him in the side with the eggs? But I really can't come to a conclusion on what two have done the deed and I don't wanna disturb the tank too much atm for no reason. I don't really expect them to get to the wriggler stage but I'd like to give them the best chance too. So so so confused, anyone have any guesses on what two have bred? It's really got me beat
  10. Ok so I got home before and to my surprise the rock is covered with eggs!! I'm really not sure who has bred with who.. Is it possible that the p blood and the orange melon could have bred thru the divider?? ATM the only one of the p bloods is caring for the eggs waving his fins over them etc.. Do both the parents look after the eggs/fry ? The orange melon just sits as close to the eggs as he can near the divider so I'm kinda thinking the orange melon and the p blood have bred but I'm really not sure and the p bloods that is caring for the eggs won't let the other p blood near them.. I'm still in shock to see a rock covered in eggs lol
  11. So I have 3 discus, 2 p bloods and a orange melon. I have my tank divided and have the two p bloods on one side and the orange melon on the other side. I the last week I've noticed one of the p bloods is doing alot of shimmering right next to the divider and the orange melon is doing the same, they shimmer at each other all day and the p blood has started pecking at a rock right next to the divider.. I'm pretty new to discus but I think they wanna breed?? Just curious to wat sorta discus I would get if they did breed, should I try and get them to breed or would they just be really ugly peppered discus fry ? :confused:
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