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    I started out with fish two years ago, we went out Xmas shopping and purchased a 20ltr tank.
    I went to the fish store and also purchased 3 goldfish.
    when 2 of them died I was clearly upset and went back to the fish store where I purchased them and they gave me another 5.
    I had 6 goldfish in a 20ltr tank.
    When 2 died I got fed up and jumped online to do some research and discovered that I had to major errors.

    Size tank was a death trap for the fish and the tank had not been cycled. I was angry at my ignorance and decided from then on I would take the time to research and make sure everything was done properly.

    I now have a 175ltr 3 foot tank that I take allot of pride in and spend day after day doing a mountain of reading not just on my tank but also on plants and other kinds of fish.

    I am open for aid and also love opinions that are constructive and helpful.

    I have made some errors along the way but I can say that since my first gold fish I have not lost a fish since to which I am also very proud of.
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    I love motor sport especially F1.
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    life insurance
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  3. Update - Day 5 Angels are being great parents for their first time round. They have moved the babies to the defuser cup that's part of the Co2 system which I have had to switch off. the male angel is being super aggressive but they do change roles every once in a while. It has been amazing watching them care for there young...I am enjoying every minute of it.
  4. I have lost count of how many times I have gone to pour my 10ltr bucket of water into the tank and have been staring at the fish and completely missed the edge and tipped it all over the floor....sigh.
  5. Hey Guys, Just thought I would share that my pair of Angelfish decided that they wanted to start a family and laid around 100 eggs on a Amazon sword leaf here is a video of the birth...of eggs. the doctor said it was a boy..then a girl...then a boy ...then a girl....he said this what felt like 100 times...
  6. I would give him to you if he makes it. Will keep you posted. Treating him at the moment. Does not look hopeful though...
  7. Diet is mixed. So they get spectrum pellets, flakes, brine shrimp...i throw broccoli in there for them they also also love wafer discs. I treated half dose multi cure and the female did not respond well.
  8. I was thinking of a vet. Your offer is kind i looked at bloat but the other symptoms that come with it my fish are not displaying.
  9. Water run down, PH 7.5 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 20ish Temp 26 deg c Raised to 28. I have looked the fish right over and they have no markings no mucous build up. They are breathing rapidly like i said in first post gills are not inflated picture is useless as they look no different i will post them so you can see for yourself.
  10. My Dehanes are very unwell I suspected fluke, velvet or white spot So I treated the Dehanes Separately and have had no luck. The female Dehane responded badly to the multi cure medication. I don't know if it's because she is so small but she almost died when I treated her. I had to put her in the main tank again and she bounced back. I am now at a loss.. I have no idea what they have and I have no idea how to treat it and I am at the limit of my knowledge. The symptoms are now, - rapid breathing. - fits by the male - and odd mouth movements (like they are chewing something that's not there.) - Stopped eating. - hiding away and completely lethargic They have no visible change and they have not lost their colouring. Their fins look fine (clear and not tattered) I have now tried heat and salt and both have not worked. No other fish are effected or showing the same signs. I have tried to treat with my multi cure which tackles fungus, white spot and velvet disease. I have tried leaving the light off over two days and nothing is working. So I have thought of some ways to tackle this, - Ether reduce the amount of multi cure I use and re treat them. - looking at maybe treating for fluke? - look at treating for internal parasites. They are steadily going down hill and I feel that it could be the end especially for the female in the next few days. some other points of reference, I removed the male as I was concerned the multi cure was having a negative impact on the fish but when I put him back in the main tank he was more active then ever and got to work excavating a pit Could it be the medication is effecting the female as she is smaller. would it be worth while retreating but at a smaller dose? Cheers for any help guys.
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  14. It can't hurt really. Give it a try. Heat will help speed they cycle of what ever it is.
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