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  1. Yes could be the ballast
  2. You should be able to get a replacement power pack from Jaycar.
  3. What is good to feed newly stripped fry. I am currently feeding some crushed up flake that I happened to have. When they get a big bigger I will feed them NLS Grow. I am about to run out of the flake that I am currently using and was after recommendations on what else I could use. If crushed flake is the go what is a good one to get.
  4. I decided to go with 2 separate colonies. I got some quality saulosi from [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION]. I put his females with my existing males, 6 hours later and a female is already holding.
  5. Are snails a bad thing, I got a couple with some fish I bought and now have hundreds.
  6. Might look at splitting them into 2 colonies then. it's a pity the strains are in a bad way they are such a nice fish IMO.
  7. I have a couple of spare tanks to use for fry so both the 3 footers are available for the breeders. I thought by having a seperate male and female tank I could control the number of fry by having no males in the female tank when I have to many fry. The males don't seem to colour up in the all male tank so makes it hard to pick which are the better ones. I'm also worried that a tank full of males will end up as a tank with only 1 dominent male left standing. I was hoping they would all play nice with no females present. The females I have all look great, over time I'm hoping to breed better males as the ones I have look pretty ordinary.
  8. I currently have 20 Saulosi that I want to breed from, not looking to breed large quantities just doing it for the hobby and would prefer to breed for quality. I have 2 x (900 x 450 x 450) tanks all setup with good filtration etc. I currently have 3 known males in one tank and the females and a couple of other possible males in the other tank. My theory is to have a male tank and a female tank and rotate the males through the female tank. The male tank started with 4 males but is quite aggressive and 1 has died already. I'm after opinions on whether this is the way to go or should I run 2 separate colonies 1 in each tank. By the way if your after ideas for a small display tank 17 bright yellow, really active fish looks pretty cool.
  9. I have some Saulosi fry in fish traps in a display tank and want to know when should I move them on to another tank. The larger ones are about 5mm. What would be the ideal size tank and filtration setup to move them onto. I have a 3 foot 180 litre tank that I will use to grow them out to adult in but it seems to big to put them into at the moment.
  10. After some ideas on how to keep a spare tank cycled when I have no fish in it. I set up a spare tank to use as Grow out/hospital/angry fish chill out tank. The tank is currently cycled but I have removed all the fish from it and it could be months before i need to put fish back into it. Just wondering what others do in this situation.
  11. Well done. I had my first go at stripping last weekend. My experience didn't go so well but i learnt alot. It took me about 2 hours to catch the female due to all the rock work in the tank as I liked the setup and didn't want to disturb it. Ended up i had to remove most of it to catch her so lesson learnt remove the rocks first. I only managed to get 3 fry which I thought was ok for the first brood. Turned out she had more I just wasn't patient enough. I put the fry into a breeding net in the main tank as I had no where else to put them. The fry were doing well and had nearly doubled in size over a few days, then one by one I found them dead over a few hours. I think the adult fish were able to get at them through the net. Next time I will try a hard plastic breeding box. Anyway with all the excitement the male has been busy and there is another one holding so I get to try again in a couple of weeks. Noticed there is a couple of breeding setups for sale and I have just the spot for one, although maybe I should hold off until i know what I'm doing.
  12. The colony I got from you are my favorite fish.
  13. I use tank water most of the time and leave it up to the Aragonite substrate to buffer the PH. I use town water when the tank is dry, it has a higher PH but tends to have Nitrates which is what i'm trying to get rid of. I have been syphoning about 25% out with the hose, then connect the hose to either tap (preferably tank) and fill it back up with a cap full of Prime. Have been doing this once a week to both my 200 litre African Cichlid tanks for over a year now. Fish are happy and staring to breed. The only deaths have been from murder by dominent males.
  14. Do you leave it in the bag when you recharge.
  15. I noticed the Ceramic Rings in my canister filters break down over time and need to be topped up with new ones. I just wondered if it is best to put the older media at the begining of the filter (dirtier water) and new media closer to output (cleaner water) or the other way around.
  16. I'm after the same thing. Apparantly G maher doesn't do 2 pack anymore. The Dalbarbs at AoA are well priced.
  17. How do you order the Maher tanks. Do you go direct or via a lfs.
  18. Thanks Donny. I knew not to change all at once just wasn't sure if they went off or clogged up. Mine still look pretty good so I'll just keep an eye on them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. How often should you replace ceramic noodles in a canister filter.
  20. Thanks Chris I already have a 4ft tank with Yellows and Demasoni so there out. Saulosi or Cobalt Blues are the favorites for now.
  21. Just set up a new 3 ft tank, my original tank needs repairs so I just bought a new one. Now I have 2 x 3ft tanks . Is this early signs of MTS. The tank will be used for a single species of Malawies, don't know what yet.
  22. I like your tank. What size is it, type of filtration, where did you get the cabinet. I am after something similar is the reason for all the questions.
  23. Thanks for the advice, I'll give your suggestions a go. Actually I haven't fed algae wafers for ages as even broken up I thought they were to big for the small fish.
  24. I set up a tank at the begining of the year with 10 x Electric Yellows, 5 x Demasoni and 2 x BN catfish. All of the africans look healthy but the 2 BN's have died. The BN's looked to be doing fine until I found them half eaten one morning, 1 after a month and the other after 4 months. The water quality is Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, PH 8. The substrate is coral sand and I have some Holey rock in the tank. My theory as to why they died is either, PH is to high for the BN. Africans killed them. Starvation, I only feed once a day and in an effort not to over feed the africans get all the food before it reaches the bottom. Being a new tank with low Nitrates there is not alot of algae either. Does any one have any other ideas as to why they died, I am wondering if it is worth getting more for this tank. I have another tank with a couple of BN's that are a year old. Although they haven't grown at all they are doing well. This tank has a PH lower then 7 and some drift wood. Tank mates are Silver Dollars.
  25. What do you mean by "charcoal only works for 3 months" If you replace your charcoal every couple of months does the replacement charcoal continue to work. Instead of replacing charcoal every few months should I be using another media.
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