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  1. Anyone breeding Jardini on a large scale in australia? most saratoga for sale are leichardi -and there are many breeders i know of? Any particular reason why silver arowana breeding won't make as much money as breeding Jardini. it will need same space and food ,expense etc It will need more capital cash start up but selling price as 5 times more than Jardini? Silver arowana are not on CITIES and no need to put microchip in them.
  2. the one they put down and fined is a red asian arowana from Mt Gravett pet shop that i read on the web. will people spend 500-700$ for 15 cm size compare to 100 $ for the saratoga? will it be profitable to breed but it will need a lot of cash capital and large area/pond. Can silver arowana survive in outdoor pond in QLD winter, anyone has them in pond outdoor and survive the weather.?
  3. Hi, i saw smith aquarium got breeding silver arowana pairs on display and they also sell small one they breed at the shop. Is silver arowana and black arowana are legal to own and breed and sell in australia? anyone breeding them in large sale in a farm? How is the market demand and sale prices? Thanks advance
  4. Please share your experience on using Indian Almond leaf for conditioning and breeding fish? Is your money worth spending? I came across a new product by Tantora leaf- selling dried Guava leaf- good for antibacterial and food for shrimp too. also they sell dried mulburry leaf , banana leaf for shrimp food.I got these plant at my place and just wondering How much will you spend for 10 leaf? just for a poll. Any experience with charcoal bamboo using for shrimp too? Thanks in advance.
  5. Do you measure Tds often? how much does it cost for a machine? What is average Tds for tap water , rain water, bottle water? My CRS, CBS eggs kept dropping off and I got no idea about my Tds in caloundra area. Is the shrimp soil is a must to put in for CRS,CBS or any gravel is ok? Thanks in advancce
  6. Can we put yellow and red cherry shrimp together some says they will cross and will get clear color shrimp? can we keep CRS , CBS togther? Thanks
  7. when do the seller get the money from the sale- less of 15% commission? straight after the fish has sold or only after the auction is finished? I was told auction can run past the midnight easily? Thanks
  8. Thanks again for all the advices. I have contacted paypal,put a claim form and they have organised BOYU Australia to refund my money back. Cheers.
  9. Hi, I bought air pump and filter material from BOYU australia online. Now it's a month and not received the delivery. I have sent so many email to the contact on the BOYU australia website but no reply. Payment was made through paypal and i have also sent email to them but same, no reply. BOYU don't have a contact phone number. Looks like i won't get my order. Anyone with same experience with BOYU? What other options that i can try to get my money back? Thanks in advance
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