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  1. Ok so iv taken the tank apart and tomorrow ill give it all a good clean ready to go back together … when i get some free time
  2. fishguy88's Recent Uploads | Photobucket hopefully this works
  3. i know how to post a pic but when i select the photo the icon you click to upload the photo doesn't appear :/
  4. Ok just a quick little thread on my tank reseal. I was gonna pay someone to do it for me but i thought why not just do it myself. The tank is a 600x600x500 brace less starfire glass cube. I wasn't over the moon with the silicone as i could see parts of it starting to lift and algae under other parts of it so apart it came
  5. too many scratches on the tank … sold it… gonna look into buying a new 100-300L tank
  6. anyone got any proven ways to remove light scratches from glass ?
  7. sweeeeeeeet ill be in this weekend to pick your brain donny
  8. Ok so it seems I'm a glutton for punishment i only just got my 4ft co2 planted build done and now I'm gonna attempt a reef build I picked up a RSM 130D. Im no pro in the salt world but i do have some very basic knowledge and also have a few mentors on speed dial Anyway ill pick up some live rock this week and get this build going. any suggestions for reef safe fish that will do well in a 130L tank would be handy and also i would appreciate some opinions on the tank its self … is it worth upgrading anything like the lights , skimmer , ect ect and would it be ideal to have a wave maker or let the pump do the work ?
  9. lol i can't fit it in my shed its like 50cm too wide
  10. it was used and set up for a long long time I'm not in the lease worried about the structural integrity of this tank the dividers are not holding anything together they are just sitting in there.
  11. so i know iv missed a few steps in the build but I'm finally done. water is still clearing up and I'm waiting for the plants to bounce back but other than that all i have to do is wait for it to grow in and fill it with discus
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