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  1. Love this as usual after a long time off @Grover65k all the best mate
  2. I did soem reading and the idea sounds good. Just asking if anyone has done that? Basically, I will have a thermal controller to power on/off a pump on temperature. And a portable gas heater auto on/off on water flow. It can heat water directly or via a 200l drum thanks
  3. @Grover65k so what is your new plan for this winter, my unheatedtanks now having 20plus frontosa, they are outdoor with few heaters now. If you have any ideas to save the electricty bill by adding any other bills to avoid my boss, it will be a great help. I am thinking of getting a solar or gas hot water system like the ones you use in caravan and periodically pump hot water in
  4. Me TOO hint-hint j/k lol always love your thread @Grover65k
  5. Your tank looks great, just forget your test kit and remember using Prime when changing water for a month, it will be all fine.
  6. But of course your fish willnot be happy and lead a stressful life If you love them as your pet, care for them in a love way
  7. I am sure it works 100% as you can search how asian breeders do their discus or betta
  8. Remember to replace sprong filter or wood, I got a kid dump the whole box of medicine inside a tank once lol
  9. No worries, in my case, I feed my shrimps and they feed my fish
  10. Love to see that back-flushing in action, please take a video and share cheers
  11. Maybe pm me when you restart as I have a 6x2x2.5 on top of a 2x2x2 cube. No fish and planted tank with shrimps only running for nearly 3 year outdoor under my veranda. Filter only 1 ehiem 2215 pump water from bottom to top and overflow down. Top tank also have a big internal filter to get rid of big crap.. If I left direct sun light in the morning, I will have big problem with hair algea, otherwise it is great. Winter will be cold for the first and shrimps are fine but growing/breeding slow. Below is a photo after a big clean up and throw away...
  12. Cheers mate, I votes cause of the exact reason, if you have experence and keep to yourself, it is no used to any asking questions here But I am not on here much recently either so maybe same reasons lol
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