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  3. I had white spot go through my bristlenose tank a few weeks ago. It was very noticeable on there bellys. Like someone had sprinkled salt on them. Unfortunately I lost all but two of the babies from three batches of fry. Utterly devastating. Now its gone though, their bellys are looking nice and smooth again.
  4. Look at the baby BN bellys for the spots. If they have it you'll know.
  5. I read the directions on AOA on how to use it, but it's left me a little stumped to how it would work in my sump.
  6. Water, salt and fish... No idea... but that is a really good bargain you got there. Call AOA, they give great advice, they'll tell you straight up what you need and wont try to sell you crap that you don't.
  7. Ok i am wanting to keep nitrates down as much as possible so.... So far i have 5L of Rowacarbon for my sump but i was contemplating getting another 5L or putting some Purigen in as well. What do you think?
  8. Thank you. I was going to ask cause I had no idea what it was. But google and I are best mates and we got it worked it out. I have to admit though the thought of it sounds awful. Obviously no one has objected to the suggestion so it must be ok to do. I hope...
  9. Where do i get these crystals from. Would it be something my local aquarium shop stocks.
  10. Its been this way for MONTHS nothing I have done has worked and I have constantly been trying something. If it was a parasite surely she would be dead by now.... But why after all this time hasn't it healed. I worry if I stop all the different products and leave her to it, she'll die!!! I just don't know what else to do...
  11. Can you also see the gold dusty look she has, isn't that some sort of disease too. Or is it normal for BN to have a gold sheen to them when light has been shon on them.
  12. Title explains it all. But what do i do next. I have tried salt (yes salt), multi med and melafix and nothing is working. I originally thought it was an injury from the driftwood that's in the tank but now I'm thinking it might be parasites. Any help would be great. The poor bugger has been like this for nearly two months. :help:
  13. Hi I have recently gone through the same ichy problem. And it sucks. Is there any reason you cant use salt? From what I read online. You can treat it by increasing your tank temp to 30 degrees, increase aeration and dose with salt, thats what I did and it worked great. I also did very regular water changes making sure to maintain the temp and salt levels for a minimum of two weeks to be safe. Salt or meds, its up to you. But treat your tanks for atleast two weeks. If your nets and whatever else you are using between the various tanks are dried out between uses the nasties are gone but to be safe you could always put them in boiling water for a while and they'll be definitely be fine. Supposedly you should keep the lights off too while your treating the tanks.
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