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  1. I use a type of pool filter sand forget the brand but it looks just like river sand and my geos love sifting through it
  2. I'll try a video don't know if it will work or not https://www.facebook.com/lawrence.vella.562/videos/530171060464321/
  3. There's a gold in one of the pics for comparison
  4. a few pics of some of my red sevs
  5. More is better in my opinion there's almost no aggression in my tank only the odd little chase
  6. My tank consists of the following 3 gold sevs 7 blue sevs 4 red sevs 5 uaru 4 reo Branco geos and 6 tapajos plus a few other small yanks
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  8. When I come over and get a few thousand need to re stock our dams lol
  9. Will do the moss is fontinalis and there's a few little Anubius shrubs in there as well still going to add more plants and maybe a little co2 kit
  10. [MENTION=7819]Betta-Cray_z[/MENTION]
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