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  1. I wasn't looking for the moon sand, I was looking for black diamond sand. I found it, but it's out of stock
  2. The black diamond sand, is it the actual product (coal slag). I have seen several places advertise it but upon closer inspection it has turned out to be black quartz gravel. Donny do you have it advertised on the website? I have looked for it on there and havent been able to find it...
  3. I was just thinking the same thing! haha
  4. Awesome, and it would still be 7.50 shipping no matter where I am? I'm still pretty new to the hobby and learning new things every day, it's all been trial and error in this new tank and I have lost a few fish already. Some by my fault and others I am certain it was because of the quality of the fish. Thanks for being so helpful, it's hard to find good information when you're new to the hobby and some people are such elitist jerkheads haha. Is it ok if I send you a message when I am going to be down there so I can get the details of some of these breeders? I will definitely be making a stop in at the shop aswell.
  5. How is it when doing water changes, wouldn't alot of it get sucked up into the gravel cleaner?
  6. I may look into having it shipped before I travel down there, what are you payment options? Do you accept bank deposit or paypal? I don't own a credit card. I'll be down that way anyway for about a week looking to find some decent quality africans. There is not that much variety up here and what they do have are kept in terrible conditions and very sickly looking. If you can point me in the direction of any breeders/shops that would be awesome. Do you sell fish there too, or is it more equipment?
  7. With the black diamond sand, would it be suitable to put in a tank with bottom feeders? I have a few common bristlenose and a yoyo loach. I've heard of cases where it has been lodged in intestines and things like that. The tahitian moon sand is really pretty but unfortunately a bit out of my price range at the moment. Im about 4 hours north of Brisbane, but will be down there in about a months time...do you have a shop I am able to visit?
  8. Hey, Has anyone ever used black diamond sand in their tanks? It looks great and I would really like it in my new tank. I have seen it in an online store but they wanted a ridiculous amount of money for such a small amount of sand. I need about 30kg of it. Im hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction.
  9. Well it died. Turns out it had been attacked, was missing half of its fin....I couldn't see that before.
  10. I think my little buddy might be sick. It's been hiding a lot and just doesn't seem interested in anything. Currently he's on top of the castle laying flat on its belly. He's not going sideways, but not swimming around either. I do weekly water changes and gravel cleaning. I'm fairly new to fish keeping so I don't know if he is sick or what's going on really. I did start them on a different brand of food yesterday, but none of my other fish...or electric yellows have been affected in any way, he hasn't been attacked or anything so I'm at a loss as to what's going on.
  11. Not too sure how to upload photos so im not sure if it has worked. Anyway, I have what I believed to be a maingano, that's what it was given to me as. I've been reading about the male johannis and they look almost identical. I read that one way to tell is the lines on the maingano are more clean whereas the johanni is a little jagged. I really have no idea what it is now, wondering if anyone can positively identify it for me?
  12. Hey everyone, Ok so i'm pretty new to the hobby. I have a range of african cichlids in my tank, all babies between 2-4cm. I have mainganos, lwanda peacocks, electric yellows, yellow regal and venustus. They all get along quite nicely, only they larger of the 2 mainganos is a little bossy. I have a few questions....I know im eventually going to have to get a larger tank....when that happens, will they all be able to coexist peacefully or am i going to need to separate them? My second question is to do with colouring...only the mainganos and electric yellows have colour, what size/age can I expect the others to start showing some colour and also will I need to wait till they get to this stage before I am able to tell their sex or is there another way to determine that?
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