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  1. hi all, the owner of the restaurant i work at wants to have a tank built for the restaurant. not completely sure of dimensions as of yet but i know he wants and 'L' shaped tanks for the corner and possibly 2ft deep. anyone interested in maybe building one for him and to maybe come to the restaurant and measure it up and give us a quote for it can contacted me (Doug) on 0410372466. The restaurant is in Raby Bay harbour in Redlands. thanks Doug.
  2. hi all I have a question for the electrically minded out there. i am currently running 7 x 36w fluro lights on my tank stands they run for about 9 hours a day. i am thinking of changing them to 12v led strip lights running off a transformer. the leds run 12v 6amps per 5 meters. i will need approximately 10 meters so 12 amps in total. i well run all these from a 15 amp transformer running 240 watts. what i would like to know is which option would be the cheapest to run? working it out has done my head in so turning to here for help. thanks in advance Doug
  3. I just found them at bunnings 6 outlet 12 metres for $40 if that helps
  4. Thanks Mark didn't even know they existed that would solve the problem
  5. Hi all Just wondering what others have used for all those power cords? Trying to find other option apart from multiple power boards ( scary actually ) also in a rental so adding more power points under the house is out. Thanks in advance Doug
  6. yeah i thought the same thing just didnt want to risk it. thought i would ask for some advice before i threw them away might be able to reuse them
  7. hi all just wanted to know if it is best to throw the ceramic noodles from my sump out after a fungal infection in the tank or can they be sterilized and reused? cheers Doug
  8. Hi all Just wanting to ask if the Maleri Gold peacock and Sunshine peacock are the same fish or are they different species of peacock altogether ?
  9. yeah i was looking at the 1st add you put up just trying to work out the holes in the bottom of them as to what they would be used for. Filtration system or just overflow? what would be the best way to clean the what looks like calcium build up of them ?
  10. No the tanks aren't drill yet and no i have never drilled tanks before. I still have to get them so i was going to see if the people i buy them off of can do it. i am looking at new tanks so may have to do some ringing around.
  11. The plan is to have all the same types of fish that like the same water types and yes to have fry grow out aswell.
  12. Hi all I am looking at setting up and breeding setup. I am looking at using 10 2ft tanks on a 2 tier stand. My question is to do with the best filtration setup. 1. Do i drill the tanks and use a sump? If so would a 3ft sump do the trick? 2.Or would not drilling them and use a system i found on this forum ? 3. Or do i use sponge filters and keep the tanks completely separate from each other and heat them individually? Also Just one other unrelated question Large flat stones for cichlid tank where to get them in brisbane ? Thanks in advance Doug
  13. what sort of pvc cement did you use? i am looking for one for a very similar setup but wasnt sure if it is aquarium safe.
  14. the supplier was in Qld but yeah i know now have learnt a very expensive lesson from it all. but i will rebuild slowly this time making sure all fish are Q'ed for a few weeks first thanks again for all the help
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