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  1. Maybe! I was curious about legality and authenticity, but too late now!
  2. Any reason why I shouldn't buy these? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wellington-point/fish/genuine-marimo-moss-balls-from-12-each-can-post/1208043121
  3. Is there any way of eliminating snails from a shrimp tank? Any fish that eat snails but not shrimp?
  4. Yeah, not so worried about the guppies/tetras. I just had a thought that I could grab a couple mulberry leaves from the back yard for the shrimp. Reckon that would keep them going?
  5. I'm heading away for a week, and was considering using auto feeders for my guppy/tetra tank and my nano shrimp tank. I' don't have anybody to do it while I'm away, so I think I have no choice but to try auto feeders. Any suggestions?
  6. Is it just LFS that supply RO water? I notice at my local supermarket a vending machine that sells water (BYO container), and they mention RO. Are they safe to use?
  7. My poor little shrimp are getting an awful fright when I turn on the light. Anyone know of an economical light and/or controller to gradually turn on/off?
  8. Hi ryangus, I can help you out with the crypts you are after.

  9. Ahh, yes, they all just fit in bike case. In all honesty, the BBA is very minor, and not really a problem... yet.
  10. I'm feeding my fish daily - they con me into it each night by milling around at the top front of the tank). Maybe I should scale it back. I'm also fertilising once a week with ProFito universal plant fertilizer. Maybe I should also scale that back. BTW bluebelle - you may not remember or recognise them, but most of these plants came from you, and they're all doing great! Thanks again
  11. This is my planted tank I've had going for almost 12 months. My first real tank, and I'm not super committed or enthusiastic, I just like having it beside me while I work. I was given the tank - a bit bashed up and some scratches, but the price was right! What I like: Easy to maintain Plants and fish seem really happy Cost bugger all to set up and maintain. What I don't like: Too much green - looking to add some c. blassii, c. undulata 'red' and/or c. wendtii 'red' to provide some contrast Looks like I've got a BBA outbreak. Considering getting a Siamese Flying Fox Shark or doing some spot dosing Too many fish, methinks. might need to scale back the guppies (they breed like rabbits!). Anyway, would appreciate your thoughts.
  12. Still tinkering. I suspect this could become habitual...
  13. Just picked up a cheap nano tank (20cm x 20cm x 20cm), to have on my desk at work. Trying to keep it very simple, just some seiryu, moss and shrimp (blue, for now). The little nubia will go once I figure out what else to plant. Keen to hear your comments.
  14. Thanks, these would suit my tank really well. I'll start looking!
  15. My low tech, LED lit tank is growing really well, but everything is very... green! Any advice for for some colourful plants, and where to get them. I'm sure I've asked this before, but can't find my post.
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