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  1. Adults peppermints for sale all large fish and all females have laid when kept in smaller tanks, currently housed together. 8 fish in total - 2 males and 6 females. Will sell as 2 groups of 1 male and 3 females for $250 per group. Take all 8 for $450
  2. Hi raybin how much do you want for your l046? Really interested thanks Jake. Ps sorry I dnot have the full version of qldaf so if you've put a price up I can't see it thanks

  3. hey mate, your pm is full.

    Can I see some pics of the 4ft? i can pick up

  4. Mysis shrimp culture

    apart from the initial question - can anyone help me source some mysis shrimp or equivalent (must be marine) to start a culture so I dont have to use the cherry shrimp?
  5. Mysis shrimp culture

    space tanks whatever else is not a prob. this method doesn't seem to require a "massive lake" seahorse.org - Raising Mysid Shrimp as a Home Aquarium Food had considered cherry shrimp but dont want to fork out excessive amounts of money for enough to fill my massive lake or enough that they are producing large numbers of harvestable babies and prefer a marine species as being fed to marine inverts might give the cherry's a go if I can get them at a decent price. Any other suggestions for feeding pygmy squid??? and yes they do take the cherry shrimp
  6. Where can I get some, or equivalent, to start this happening? cheers guys
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  9. nice pic man, any chance you feel like posting some pics of your setup, filtration and sponges
  10. thanks mate, I am on top of the biology, was just looking for any specific experiences, success or fail. I am not keeping a full reef, mainly sponges (other inverts will come and go from the system) and it will be lightly stocked. All good regarding the chain, I will be the start and end
  11. thanks mate what shops stock it so I can pick some up tomorrow. I had a bit of a search and its getting pretty good reviews. Do you know if it comes in larger sizes? Have a 3500 litre system to dose...
  12. I have read what info I can find on the net and looking for any personal experiences in keeping them happy and growing? thanks
  13. howd you go with the floods Jaybin still going overseas ? good luck with it all

  14. sorry to harsh your buzz but its probably not worth the effort and costs. If your that keen then I would start with what species NZ quarantine allow in. I have no idea on specifics but i'm pretty sure that they allow alot more in, just think you will be able to own L46 Zebras and alot more plecs ALOT cheaper than here. Stay on the board and send us pics to make us all jealous. Then look at what they require regarding getting your fish inspected here before they leave the country. If you just want a phone number call NZ quarantine. Those hard working guys on channel 9 who confiscated that banana that some guy was given during his flight on tuesday night or what ever night it was. Truly awesome TV. The whole idea sounds a bit hard really, I mean are you going over setting up house, buying and cycling some tanks and then having someone send your fish over?
  15. lol, much better fleshed out that way than the green grass theory