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  1. I've got coral sand in there with them now will that be suffice?
  2. sexy, SEXY looking fish, if your the seller im the buyer!
  3. how did you get a clam/??? i thort it was nearly impossible to keep
  4. do calvus like calcium carb as a substrate?
  5. should i use an internal for filtration like a 600l/h ? can i use the normal freshwater light i have for live rock, i put my hand under it and it give off a bit of heat.
  6. hey everyone im looking into going saltwater Conditions: im not rich limited space cant have a sump or cannister I'm looking for a complete 2ft setup thats cubish looking and looks nice and display, anyone know where i can go about starting this up? enough of that. ive heard from some that salt water tanks are a complete mission. althought i went to a lfs and have seen 2ft tanks with a few fish with just those corner sponge filters in them NOTHING ELSE besides the hydrometer (or wateva its called) and lighting. ive read on other posts about other people not using protein skimmers, expensive lighting ect. I just want a setup that can house probly 2-3 clowns and maybe one or 2 other things like a lion or an eel or something else thats brighty coloured, and possibly live rock and dead coral. would a 75-95L tank be ok? Need all the help i can get, on anything and everthing about starting up a small salt water tank pm me if need be Thanks Luke
  7. looking for a stand maker to make a little stand that will accommodate a little 2ft cubish tank 55x40x40 aproximately (still need to get the tank made) and have space below the tank at floor level for a little 51cm tank can someone give me some quotes on this including fully varnished
  8. Hey I want to start breeding whiptails, could I do it in a 2ft or will I need to upsize??? Plz help Cheers, Luke
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. does anyone feed squash to the catties or know if its fine to do so?
  11. let me no if you want to sell a trio they look pretty amazing
  12. there ph was around seven and no abnormal reading of ammonia ect .1 or lower
  13. hey its very frustrating when you purchase some fish that have worms. my albino lf girl i have just noticed has about 5 red worms or so in her anus/sticking out of her anus i would like them gone as you would think, any help would be much apreciated
  14. that many fry wouldnt go un noticed in a couple of days, they wouldnt drop off and be eaten that quickly, surely, nothing rong with the water either.very wierd perants are not being kept with them, wer taken out after 2 weeks
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