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  1. hi was wondering if u knew where i could get 1 or 2 l168 [butterfly pleco]

  2. tropheus moliro "red" is what it was sold to me as, i had 5 males but they all ended up killing each other
  3. lol that was good, told ya they were awesome girls, they bred like crazy for me, get about 50 amouthful, with dolphins id wait 15 days or until u can see fry in her throat
  4. Hey Kel, you should build yourself a fishroom out of 2nd hand fridge panels, i know a mob in kunda park that sell them 8x4 panels for 50-60$ a panel im sure andy is handy with tools and could whip up a coldroom for you quit ez pm me if your interested. 16 panels + 1 sliding door could make your a 20x8x8 room 750-800$ you should see my setup since ive finshed it, my room air temp sits at 34-35 degrees, water sits from 28-31 if i dont keep up water changes up the water boils, and its only heated from 4 x fluros key is to keep well insulated
  5. all cichlids from fish n fur come from me so ofcourse its quality stock lol, execpt those yellows he has atm, they arent mine . let us now if your chasing anything cause i have afew things to get rid of. Afew shops i deal/know of Fishy Business at Noosa, in the industrial area 2nd Avenue??? Pet n Ponds Forest Glen, Corner of Mons Road. Aussie Pet Barn, Wises road? just past WOW/BCF Pet Stop Wises Road, Maroochydore // Currumundi Market Place Jason @ Fish n Fur Buderim Greg @ Pet Cave - Aerodrome Road Peggy Bundy (lol) @ Petz 4U - Aerodrome Road Stupid old !@#$ at Mooloolaba Aquaruim & Avairy -- Brisbane Road (doesnt want to buy fish from me cause he has a good relationship with Bay rather buy mixed cichlids that he cant sell) :hothead: thats afew
  6. few other pics i just uploaded enjoy White Knights Red Emps Phenos Frontosa 6 Bar Acei Ngara Gold Comps with shell full White Calvus Black Calvus Pair - Nice pic i rcn
  7. Last pic just to show how much the males have matured over the last 3 months since last pics where taken
  8. Yella's - Can Never Complain About Dougs Awesome Strain New Tanks courtesy of Little Fish (Shane) Venustus - Growing every week i swear - (Darrens Lovely stock) Phenochilous Tanzanian - Been growing these up for last 18 months slow growers + Adding of a Colony from Gladstone
  9. think about the time you put into the fish, it isnt free, so your working for it so its not really a profit is it? i do make a "profit" out of fish, but if u had the spend the time i do in my fishroom you would go nuts, n i dont even spend enough time in there. i can spend up to 20 hours aweek just doing water changes/maintence on tanks on top of my 40-45 hour working week . n i still make no where near what i can working a normal week. not mentioning the 25-30k i spent setting up what i have atm, + the silly mistakes you make along the way .
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  11. i got chil pills for ya $25 ea, 22.50ea for 10 lol
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