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  1. Yeah there's a couple more in the tank.. Male has been in the cave for the last 3 months but no babies? I'm fairly new to catfish so excuse my lack of knowlage
  2. Hi guys I have a problem with my L397 If anyone can tell me what's going on here I would appricate the help? It's the white patch on the tail that I'm worries about.. I'm thinking a fungal type infection or the Dom mate has given this one a touch up but honestly I have no idea? Please help
  3. Hey what display Africans are you looking for? I have lab yellows, cobalt blues, Lombardi, red zebra, yellow tail acei and azureus... Would you be interested in a swap for a mixture of these?

  4. hi mate wanted $60 for the goldspot

  5. Hi how much do you want for you gold spot?

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