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  1. Quite the bump there, I'm glad to help you. Upmarket Aquariums Is the underground one near the CBD good Saltwater, good stock (is the one underground one with good Betta's). So much variety more than brissy. Subscape Aquarium - Richmond Victoria is also near the CBD, but not as close is a warehouse, focus more on the stock and content rather than how the actual store looks, huge focuses on setups moreso than stock, but IMO still more stock than most brissy. ^^ subscape have RARE SHRIMP and a lot of them, I would say melbourne specialty for shrimps check em out. probs Australia #1 shrimp seller thats not like gumtree/forum trade etc.
  2. I am looking for a 10-25L nanotank that is marine compatible. I have found a $130 Dymax IQ5 online, but I want to support some LFS if they sell it for a comparative price, or have a similar tank that is sold at comparative price? Also, is the Dymax IQ5 worth the $130? Can someone else recommend a similar tank for a better price? Or a better quality tank for the price?
  3. Where is the best aquarium store in Brisbane? I have been doing most of my purchases from Exotic Connections Rocklea near the Brisbane Markets. But I find that store to be small and does not have any variety. Its stock is alright, but the variety is limited to the basic freshwater fish, and even lacks some of those. I live in the south west suburbs (Indooroopilly, Toowong) etc. I don't want to travel to the outer rural regions. Whilst on a holiday to melbourne, I visited the LFS, it was 80m long, underground store with so many tanks, so many varieties of fish, aswell as supplies etc. They even sold rare bettas for $25. The type you get imported for $40+. And it made me sad because I have never seen any shops like those in brisbane that I know of. Also would like some cherry shrimp... any sellers close to those suburbs mentioned? reply below
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