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  1. Scape looks good though ! That piece of driftwood must be massive hahaha
  2. What's running in the sump ? And what are those little cycle fish I can see haha ?
  3. hey mate about the 3 foot tank , negotiable on price . I don't use this site much so give me a text on 0415952933

  4. I want to be able to have a fair few fish of a few different varieties
  5. so I've currently got an african cichlid tank but I will be getting a new 6 x 2 x 800 tank soon . I was thinking about going with something different this time. any suggestions ?
  6. I have a small 2 foot , 90 litre tank with a school of 9 neon tetras, 7 harlequin rasboras, 2 blue rams and 3 bristlenose plecos. what would be another good fish to add ? preferably a bigger main fish ?
  7. the box is wrapped in mesh and sticks to the side of the tank . thanks
  8. how long will it take for them to leave the log ? they started to hatch yesterday ?
  9. the log with the fry/eggs and the dad is all in a floating box in the main tank now
  10. can I put the pot in a separation box ?
  11. so I can just move the whole pot to another tank ?
  12. can I put them in a separation box in the main tank ?!
  13. so I have some bristlenose eggs that are just starting to hatch ! they are in a community tank with 7 harlequin rasboras , 9 neon tetras and 2 small blue rams . can I leave the eggs in the main tank with the dad ? or will they get eaten ?
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