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  1. Bunnings sand ends up in your filter and will as mentioned above, produce anaerobic bacteria if not aerated frequently Anything more than 1 inch and it'll turn nasty under there in just days Great for less than 1 inch bottoms (discus etc...)
  2. Get new sponge and if you can, steal half the media (noodles) from filter one for filter two, instant bio filter The new media will immediately start growing new bio No gravel needed
  3. Thanks John His body is very slim, delicate and he even cleans the tank bottom like he's gonna lay, shaking etc... Maybe I call him "Sebastian" or something, he's not a blokey boy, that's for sure
  4. Hi guys Bought this "boy" from Steve a while back but he's showing female traits and I have my doubts Sooooo, is this a boy or girl
  5. Okay last video sucked badly with my iPhone making everything blue Serial killers Take 2 Occupants are Red devil (m) Festae female (devils girlfriend) Blue texas female (devils mistress) Black ghost knife (f) Bocourti (m) Synspilum (m) Marbled feneStratus (f) Wild oscar Red oscar Saratoga (f) Jag (f) Blackbelt (m) Flagtail prochilodus 35cm And a pair of huge blue crayfish who more than hold their own :-) 1500 litre Dennisen built 10 x 2.5 x 2 (in the living room, upstairs :-)
  6. Lucas Very kind words mate, thanks You're welcome over anytime but I only have 12 tanks running, not like others who have 50+ so the tour would be a very quick one. I've got 5 nice pairs and several batches of fry growing out but that's it so far. As to food, power and water bills, yup that's the cost of a hobby, and my whole setup is cheaper than motorcycle parts or maintaining my mountain bikes, so yes there is a cost but it's reasonable considering. One set of (carbon) motorcycle wheels is more expensive than my entire setup including the fish, so it's all relative. I'm still trying to breed my little beast (the waterhead I got off you) but he's not doing his thing yet. Great kok growth though and he's paired up with a nice girl, just gotta be patient
  7. Thanks Matt I have travelled a long way to "collect" the best specimens. Bad ingredients = bad pizza , same with fish I have several of your (Kasman) fish, a KeithB, a Steve, a few Lucas', a Den and a few from various other locations now. There should be some interesting fry soon
  8. Actually Matt and Keith, I just got the silver boy (Tonto) paired up with "Darling" He really does look chromed. Again I used a target fish resembling the breeding male
  9. Just a vid of the team getting fed :-)
  10. Batch #1 is nearly 10mm long, this should be batch #2 :-) Still using Keith B's FH as a target fish, works a treat to form " pairs ", and take away aggression from the "happy couple"
  11. An update on the blue and red pair, "Kas & Bro" Mummies and daddies :-) Dad now separated after getting stroppy
  12. All coming along nicely I know my beast is Kasmans but the name was so cool I had to flog it for the big kok factor All fish from Lucas are incredible! My wife told me about your attack, omg, so sorry Here's what my red pair are making now approx 3 months old
  13. Snow In Egypt For The First Time In 100 Years, Reports Say (PICTURES) Snow in Egypt first time in 100 years Middle East Snow Storm Brings Havoc To Holy Land | Soren Dreier Middle East snowstorm brings havoc to holy land Global weather is hard to sell Extreme weather is hard to sell Global warming was easy to sell as it said "temp goes up as co2 goes up", therefore to fix problem we "tax co2" Now the temp has not gone up as "predicted" it's time for a new threat, climate "change" which now says "incredibly" co2 causes temp increases which causes more snow and cold weather This clap trap is hilarious when you think about it, co2 = hot until it doesn't then it = weather 2+ 2 = 5 in this Orwellian joke
  14. No shortage of COLD weather in the news 'Worst ice storm' in years wallops Texas, much of the Midwest Worst ice storm in years Snow falling. In Australia. In summer. That is all | News.com.au Snow falling in australia in December Huge storm strikes Europe causing death and destruction and leading to cancellation of hundreds of flights | Mail Online Huge storm strikes Europe death and destruction Winter storm aims at East Coast - CNN.com Winter storm aims at east coast Winter storm pushes up U.S. East Coast after deep-freeze in the South Winter storm pushes up U.S. East Coast after deep-freeze in the South Sleet, ice, deep-freeze hit large swath of US | World news | The Guardian Sleet ice deep freeze With snow falling today in australia, in SUMMER, I wonder how much "global warming", whoops I meant to say, um, what's it called now, climate change" is really happening? The oceans ain't healthy I don't deny it but not because of a 0.12 C increase in temp spread over 10 years. If the sun comes out from behind a cloud, you just got your 0.12 C increase and many times more :-) As to the overpopulation comment, I always invite those believers in this myth to leave the earth first and Save Us All!!!
  15. Here's how the crew hooked up Big daddy wil not cheat on mama so he's back making lotsa beautiful cherry red dragons Then there's Kas and Bro, both from Kasman And then there's Beast (in honor of BEAST) and Lady both from Lucas They're all in love, ain't that nice :-)
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