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  1. @billfish same reason I didn't mention dennison. Agree 100% he's the only person I'd go to for large tanks. I think it's probably as far back as the 90's that he built my first large tank that was a 6 x 2 x 700 high that I still have today.
  2. Hi mate, Just wanted to say thanks for sending some more fish down yesterday! Your a legend. Anyone wanting some sweet tangs I can't recommend Mick highly enough. Cheers, Jason
  3. @Pete59 that's just how sword plants produce new plants. The "mother" plant sends runners and new plants grow off of these. I have a large heavily planted tank with lots of different varieties of sword plants. Did a trim a few months back and cut off nearly 100 plants off runners at various sizes. Cheers, Jason
  4. I'll second that. A lot of my plants in my discus tanks started as offcuts from @bluebelle
  5. Thanks for making the effort to bring all the fish down for everyone!
  6. Wow sorry to hear that! Assume you are OK and didn't get hurt? See you Friday.
  7. @aqc247 Can't sneak anything past you
  8. @brisdude I'm not totally sure on the rules but I think you need to make 5 posts before you get access to the for sale classifieds...... Is that true @gingerbeer ?
  9. @trofius Bit late now. I told you in our PM's that I would have to sell them for tank space for the new stuff! Sent you a PM @Stevefish Cheers, Jason
  10. @bender sorry these sold last night before you’d posted you would take them. @Stevefish thanks mate. I’m going back to tangs. Sold all my L’s
  11. Hi All, Due to a pending arrival on some new Tanganyikans and needing tank space I'm going to sell my colony of Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbows. I have 11 in the colony - $300. AMAZING fish and not overly easy to find. Notice some breeding behaviour by one of the males late in the video. Sorry about the quality, best I can do on my old iphone. These are young fish and are just coming into showing signs of breeding. Great pickup for any tropheus enthusiast. Best contact via PM, mobile 0418 192 426 (phone on silent during office hours but can reply to SMS) or email burtbouvier@hotmail.com Cheers, Jason Kasanga.MOV
  12. Agree with @MFF adult peppermints are not the prettiest things. However..... i loved the contrast of the juvenile colours on white sand base discus tanks. Over the years they have made me a nice little profit by buying juveniles cheap, growing them until they lost their spots.... selling them at a higher rate (because the are much bigger) and then using that money to buy more. I think from memory I started with 6 and over a period of probably 8 years or so I turned those 6 into a breeding colony of about 30 plus heaps of $$$$ on the side selling hundreds of babies. I then had an endless supply of little guys to put back into the big display. Circle of life Cheers, Jason
  13. @raycam01_au assume still too much light with it running for 7 hours with two flouro's.
  14. @raycam01_au this is me eagerly awaiting your list. My current pet hate is people not saying where their discus are sourced from. For example a lot of places seem to say malaysian breeders. Why can't they just name the supplier. Or is there some company at the top of the food chain that blocks these smaller outlets?
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