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    Good pick up. Part 8 Section 34 has me doing further searches.......
  2. Gumtree Driftwood Query

    Loving the look of that tank! What livestock are you planning on putting in there?
  3. Yes, started with about 120. Probably 50 odd left. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Frontosa Moba tank

    Hi Lloyd, Absolutely stunning tank!! Cheers, Jason
  5. Hi Tang3 welcome to the site. What fish do you keep?
  6. WTB HC

    @ageofaquariums Surely as a site sponsor you have earned the right to post whatever you like?!!! You guys are always on here answering posts and helping people. I can't see how posting prices would cause any issues. Just my 2c Cheers, Jason
  7. Not a problem. Nice to meet you!
  8. ^^^ What Doug said.... great option. I'm pretty sure at around 30 degrees the parasite doesn't reproduce and at around the 32 degree mark kills it. Best of luck. Jason
  9. Hi Joel, That humphead has white spot. The water conditioner tabs won't treat the white spot. Suggest using a product similar to the below link... or Malachite Green. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Wardley_Ichaway_30ml_for_Whitespot_Ich_Away_p/ws910.htm Do you know the temperature of the tank? Cheers, Jason
  10. Nice male after a water change! Still have heaps left Cheers, Jason
  11. 8 foot tank needs a new home (free)

    To the back of the line @Julio_13
  12. 8 foot tank needs a new home (free)

    Wow! Very generous Keith..... ^^^^ good score @adriancorrea beat me by a few minutes
  13. @petbarn224 Didn't get one???
  14. @Rare Fish Hi Wil sent a PM.