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  1. Frontosa Moba F1 fry

    @Joels Have a look in the photography and video lounge section of the forum. About the fifth topic down called.... Frontosa Moba tank are some photos of Lloyd's.
  2. Lake Tang setup

    The honest answer is yes. I use the white sand as a base on all my tang tanks. The grow outs I just use Aquaclear hangon filters so the intake is higher up the tank so hardly any sand gets into those. The canisters however the intake range from about 1-4 inches off the sand. Sand definitely gets into those impellers which wouldn't be doing it any favours. I've had a eheim canister running for about 18 years on a sand bottom tang tank and it's still going with no issues. Maybe that's why it's never really bothered me as I've never had an issue.... yet
  3. Lake Tang setup

    @tdj5 Thought i'd make it easy for @ferpac76 Oh forgot to mention make sure you give it a very thorough rinse before adding it to your tank.
  4. Lake Tang setup

    Depends on what type of tangs you are planning on keeping.... but in my opinion sand all the way. I think sand looks much better and crushed coral is way to coarse to keep any sandsifters or featherfins variants. I think with the water conditioners you can buffer your water with these days I see no need for crushed coral! There is a landcaping yard Dohles Rocks road which would be very close to you if you are at Murrumba Downs. I've used the white sand in Bin 5 previously.
  5. Frontosa Moba F1 fry

    @Joels Your search is over
  6. Discus

    I don't have any sumps on any of my tanks (would love them though). I just use eheim or fluval canisters and use noodles, matrix and some different courses of filter pads. I like keeping any of the peaceful south american cichlid species. Geophagus brachybranchus ( @tdj5 these guys I got of you are now breeding like rabbits), Geophagus steindachneri and satanoperca leucosticta are three of my favourite (mainly because of availibility). Any geophagus except brasiliensis would be fine. The are a bit too robust for my liking when larger. Any of the apistogramma species are great tank mates as well. I also keep a mixture of L catfish mostly hypancistrus as they are meat eater and the higher protein discus diet they can handle. Tetra's - cardinal's, rummy nose, bleeding hearts (congo tetras I've seen others with but have found them a bit too aggressive during feeding time and can spook the discus). I've seen people use australian rainbows as tank mates for discus. Water - good question.... I think this is probably the topic that you could get multiple different answers from different people. I'd do things differently depending on number of tanks with discus. If I ever get into it more seriously I'd purchase an RO unit and use that. Currently I have access to a 5000L rain water tank. When doing water changes I do 50% tap/50% rain water as there have been times when the rain water tank is empty. I find in these cases it's not such a big jump in water parameters than having 100% rainwater and then trying to do a water change without it. I find bare bottom much easier!! However, my wife likes plants and I like keeping geo's with them so I like using a coarser bedding/river sand from a landscape supplier. Plants can grow and not too coarse for the geo's. Best of luck they are beautiful fish.
  7. Discus

    As you know my background is tangs all the way As I said water quality and purchasing decent stock......You'll have no trouble mate. Cheers, Jason
  8. Discus

    To be honest I don't find them any more challenging than other fish I've kept. In saying that I think the number 1 priority is water quality and filtration. Let's face it discus aren't cheap so I think it's worth the money in the long run to get some decent filtration. Regular water changes are a must! Decent food and that's pretty much all I do. @raycam01_au I'm sure Ray and Sarah will agree. Make sure you buy from a reputable source. Buying good quality discus puts you ahead from the start! Cheers, Jason
  9. 8th of feb Zane? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Golden Kazumba are very nice! Photo you have shown is not golden firecracker unfortunately. I’ve only ever seen golden firecracker imports from Asia. My personal preference but would never buy any tropheus coming from there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My first tank!

    NICE!!! Those two just couldn't wait to get into a tank of their own and have a little "me" time
  12. @ageofaquariums My vote for post of 2018!!
  13. Sorry. Please don’t take this in the wrong way just my 2c. I don’t agree with tropheus and frontosa mixing. Totally different diets and food requirements. One is going to suffer depending on diet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Lepidiolamprologus go really well. Any larger Tang should work fine. Gnathochromis go well. I've even seen people use large malawi predators in the same tank as fronnies. How big are the fronnies you are trying to make less shy? Assuming not that big yet if you've tried multi's
  15. Furcifer (Cape Kabogo)

    OK. Let's hope Tommy has some!