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  1. Hi Stewart, Can I suggest to try at night after the lights have been off for a little while. Much easier to catch. This is my fall back method if I can't catch something during the day. Cheers, Jason
  2. Any reason why you want to get rid of the driftwood? I think the look of that tank is perfect. I'd just be moving the JD's on. I'd suggest making a visit to Aquarium Central @ 11 Pike St Kunda Park or Aquaholics Online @ 354 Mons Road Forest Glen. Both are nice and close to Woombye. Talk to a sales assistant in there, they'll be able to show you all the fish they have in stock that are community fish. Best thing then is that you can choose your favourites. I'd make one suggestion though..... a school of cardinal tetras and rummy nose tetras would look awesome with how that tank is setup! Best of luck. Keep us updated with photos once you get some new fish. Cheers, Jason
  3. Love the look of that tank! That would look awesome fully stocked as a community display.
  4. Hi Jim, I think the great thing about our hobby is that everything is open to personal preference. I think the minimalist look of what you are trying to achieve for the oscar would be perfect. An oscar is not a fish that is going to be shy and hide so having plenty of open space is a must. Love the idea of the large rock and a couple of small stones. Could I suggest if you want some plants in the tank to place some of the smaller stones near the base of the plants. This will hopefully stop you having to replant them all the time when the oscar decides to dig them up. Best of luck! Cheers, Jason
  5. Hi All, It's been just dead end and dead end Here is another six monthly post....... Does anyone have any Cyathopharynx Foai for sale?? I cry every night having not kept any of the variants I used to keep. Any help... well you'd be my best friend!!!! Cheers, Jason
  6. Hi Pete, Welcome. I've a couple of planted tanks. My large discus tank is heavily planted and has CO2. Can't beat a good planted tank in my opinion. Best of luck.... Cheers, Jason
  7. Hi John, New shop location is 1519 Sandgate Road, Nundah. Cheers, Jason
  8. Hi Thead, Good choice I can sit and watch shell dwellers for ages. They have big personalities for such little fish! Welcome to the site. On a side note... @johnbetta never heard of Lake Tanganyika being called soft water before might want to check that one Cheers, Jason
  9. Did some water changes yesterday after purchasing the dry form. Watched carefully for a few hours afterwards with nothing strange happening. All happy this morning. Thanks for the sodium thiosulphate tip @aquaholic99 Comes with the added benefit of treating cyanide poisoning
  10. That's a good theory When I used to use heaps of the tang buffers and salts I used to always pre-disolve in warm water before adding to tank. Great news about the severums hopefully. I'm off to buy some of the dry form tomorrow and do some water changes. Will let you know if I notice anything abnormal. Cheers, Jason
  11. Hey mate, Sorry to hear that. I use Fraction in the liquid form. To be honest I didn't even realise there was a dry form. Just googled it though the dry form is soooooo much better value for money than the liquid. I'll buy some tomorrow and give it a try on the weekend. Got a couple of tanks I can "test" on. I'd be surprised if that was the cause though. Cheers, Jason
  12. Hi James, Good to see a post from you mate. Haven't seen you on here for a while! Hope your doing well. Cheers, Jason
  13. Hi Debbie, Welcome! Some very knowledgeable people on here that have years and years of experience. What fish do you keep? Cheers, Jason
  14. Hi Dr Bob, I'm pretty sure you need 5 posts before you can access the classifieds area. Welcome! Jason
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