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  1. @Jase86uxb Have never tried the Shogun but always kept eyes and ears out on any comments I see about them. Schego heaters are the beez neez but we aren't all made of cash unfortunately
  2. Jager 300w will do the job. I've got a Jager 300w on a 630L aquarium set @ 29deg and it holds it at that higher temp. Wouldn't need it that high for africans. Also assuming that Gladstone's min temps would be a couple of degrees warmer than down here in Brisbane so the difference between room temp and required aquarium temp would be less.
  3. Apistos with geos

    I guess that’s the advantage of different opinions [emoji106] Never had that problem (yet). I’ve got smaller fish in with my geos than apistos that they’ve never looked twice at. I love keeping apistos with them as a size and colour contrast. Had plenty of people visit and see first hand them happy together. Just my experience... not saying it’s right or wrong. That’s what fish keeping is all about... asking questions and finding out what works for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. @tdj5 I know where you could get some adults or fry! @Georgyd lol... oh well. If it was up to my wife she would have happily sold you all 10 adults
  5. Apistos with geos

    Hi Harris, No problems at all, they work perfectly together. I've kept various types of apistogrammas with geos. The apisto's do a great job of keeping the geos away during and after spawning. And vice versa, if the geos happen to spawn they quickly learn to stay clear of that area. Best of luck. Cheers, Jason
  6. Not much more I can add except I agree with Paul and Lloyd. Impossible to say any Tropheus won't cross breed from my experience. I've read lots of articles and spoken to people that have moorii's in with sp black or duboisi and say they have no issues. Personally I'm just a fan of having one type per tank. I always figured I had lots of $$$ tied up and didn't make any sense to me to risk mixing variants together. Just my 2c worth
  7. @Georgyd No worries at all. Nice to meet you and glad to hear they made it back to the gold coast safe and sound. Cheers mate!
  8. Did you get in contact with @lloydashton ? Lloyd posted an add back on April the 6th for Frontosa Moba F1 Fry 4cms 5 for $400, 10 for $750 He may still have some left. Cheers, Jason
  9. Thanks to buyers... .still plenty left!
  10. Nice to meet you and your partner Steve. I was "impressed" with the stacking when you were at my place. That was before the 3rd story Glad to hear you made it back to Bundaberg all safe. Keep in touch. Cheers, Jason
  11. Hi Max, Have seen L190's for sale in recent times..... ranging from $800-$1200ea depending on size. Someone in melbourne was selling 5cm fry for $550ea awhile ago. Have not seen the L014's for sale since 2015. My records show these advertised in the $1100-$1200ea range. Either way that's a lot of Salvini's Best of luck with the search! Cheers, Jason
  12. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    I'm seeing the hidden agenda here Ray! This isn't an informative youtube video showing how to frag corals.... it's clearly a promo video for your hand modelling!!!