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  1. I think @raycam01_au may have fallen into the frog pond or eaten by one of the moray eels?? Been very quiet of late.......
  2. @Keepin' Aquatics You are important and have a title of Advanced Member
  3. @Keepin' Aquatics it's not so bad At least we are all forum peasants. As @gingerbeer said this was a section that you could great your own "directory" so to speak in the breeders register to post your own fish sales. From memory when the forum got updated to the current look years ago this did not carry across to the new forum. By that time there was only a couple of breeders posting sales consistantly anyway. The QLDAF live stock trader just became the only spot you could post live fish sales to. To be honest I actually like that option better!
  4. Planet Catfish doesn't even have an image of a L222 in their Cat-elog. That pretty much sums it up for me.
  5. Hi @Cichlid Hunter , I've got a couple of different types but unfortunately none for sale. I've only got back into keeping Tangs a few months ago so gradually stocking up. I have my first mouthful of Leptosoma Kitumba though Will send a friend a message and see if he has any. I know Smiths had some Utinta last time I was in there! Cheers, Jason
  6. Hi @Rob55, Worth a try and ask where they sourced them from but I'm guessing as the wholesaler Aquarium Industries had them in stock that is where livefish and MAD aquariums would have got them from. Cheers, Jason
  7. @johnbetta thanks John. It's great we can all try and help each other out!
  8. Sorry, I should have asked are you interested in Malawi or Tanganyikan cichlids?
  9. What sort of fish are you after @LukeeM94 ?
  10. @Rc Merker A trip to Arcy is a must everytime I head to the Gold Coast. Ross knows his stuff! Good news is I'm heading down that way next week @Grubs sorry mate, that's just us Qlder's bragging a little. Surely there is light at the end of the tunnel for our NSW/VIC friends!
  11. Thanks @aquaholic99 . Some great tips there for shell dwellers tank setups that I'm putting in the memory bank for species only tanks! @Donstorana you have any idea what they are selling them for? Sorry to hear about the snail rid experience. Must say I've never had that issue with any of my tangs. I have about 5-10 million malaysian trumpet snails so every now and again I dose the tanks with snail rid. I know it's toxic to fish in soft water but I would have thought any Tang tank is going to be far from soft!
  12. Hi Rob, Not much more to say. In my opinion all shellies are all easy to care for. I call the Calliurus the bulldog of the cichlid world due to their different head shape and protruding lower jaw. Awesome fish though and great addition for any Tang lover! I haven't kept these for years but found them to be the most peaceful shell dweller I've ever kept. I found that even when spawning in a community Tang tank they were more gentle towards the other inhabitants when they other fish came a little too close to their territory. I've had similis and ocellatus spawn in large tanks and chase much larger tangs away if they come within a foot of their territory. Calliurus seem to be a bit more "trusting" so to speak of their other tank mates. Best ratio for these guys as they are harem breeders with be 1M:3F or more. You'll find the females don't tolerate each other very well but the male tends to keep them under control from fighting with each other. Did you purchase these locally or from interstate? Good luck with them Cheers, Jason
  13. This is a prime example of what annoys me the most with this forum. This is an 11 year old post and probably breaks your record for oldest post commented on! @johnbetta if you are after bristlenose post an add in the trader section and title it WTB (want to buy). I'm positive that there are plenty of members that are current that would have bristlenose. A few months back I would have given you some if I had known but mine are all given away. @tdj5 mate have to ask......who are you actually welcoming
  14. Top one for me Mick Out of curiosity how much would one of these sell for?
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