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  1. @aqualife93 Hi, welcome back. I'm pretty sure you need 5 posts before the trader section becomes visible. Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi @Tang3, Still quite a few left. I'm not sure if you are the Mario I'm thinking of but the Tang name makes me think it might be???!!!!! Jason
  3. He's alive! Was starting to get worried something had happened to you mate... Missed your posts.
  4. Impressive.... that introduction certainly beats the typical "Hi, I'm new!". Best of luck with getting back into the hobby and starting your planted tank. Cheers, Jason
  5. Still some available
  6. Ki Kaida, Did you end up getting rid of everything? Cheers, Jason
  7. New batch ready for sale. 3-5cm sizes. $25 each or 6 for $120.
  8. Hi All, I have some L270 Chocolate Zebra Plecos for sale. Some good size ones in the mix but most are around the 4-6cm size. $30ea or 6 for $150. I'll sort out some photos over the weekend. Location - North Lakes Contact via PM or email burtbouvier@hotmail.com Cheers, Jason
  9. WOW! Fantastic. That's an easy question now.... keep buying as many as you like until your happy with stocking amounts. Can't wait to see some more photos as you put more and more fish in there Cheers, Jason
  10. Hi @wadedidit. Agree 100% with @gingerbeer and @MFF tetras go crazy with numbers... in a 6x2x2 the more the better! I'm surprised nobody has asked what filtration you are running on your tank? That would be the first question I'd ask when answering a question about stocking numbers. I had a display tank 5x2x700high with a dozen discus, 30 rummy nose and about 60 cardinals (was hard to count exact numbers as I'd lost track of what I'd put in there). I'm also of the opinion that greater numbers look better than the same numbers with a mixture of tetras. Best of luck with your tank and your next shopping trip Cheers, Jason
  11. Apple snail... a million times easier to control in an aquarium than the Malaysian trumpet snail. I swear they'd survive life in the Chernobyl reactor!!
  12. Hi and welcome to the site. Probably not going to like this but I'd actually say all males I'd love to see photos of the three of them from underneath, especially the one on the bottom in the first photo (this is the only one that I'd possibly question but it's still a pretty consistent taper from head to tail). I use a combination of top photos and more accurately vent sexing. The males have a more pointed genital while the females are rounded or even tubular in shape. Reminds me to catch my L201's at some stage and sex. Cheers, Jason
  13. Hi Frank, I keep a variety of sizes in all my L tanks and let them decide on which they like. I suppose odd size ones don't look the best and can certainly see an advantage of having all the same size. I will say that my L134's and L066's I rarely see in the 12 x 5 x 2.5's (in saying that I've never given them the option of just that size). The L201's/L270's seem to use this size the most. I'd perhaps suggest on maybe looking at a couple of slightly bigger in 14 x 6 x 3.5's or I even use the medium oval shaped for the larger L's and bigger peppermints. I also have had a lot of success with the rectangular style caves. I'm pretty sure most of mine were Zig Zag brand which are a darker colour to the others but I'm not even sure if you can still get this type anywhere. Best of luck. Cheers, Jason
  14. I know someone with truck loads of them adults and fry! They'll go nicely in the stingray tank Ray. Missing the plates.... but must admit the salt tank does look the goods!!
  15. @Jase86uxb Have never tried the Shogun but always kept eyes and ears out on any comments I see about them. Schego heaters are the beez neez but we aren't all made of cash unfortunately
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