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  1. @Mitty @Mattk You need 5 posts before the classified section becomes visible. Welcome to QLDAF.
  2. Plenty available at good sizes at the moment!!!!
  3. @Arcady Hi and welcome to the site. I'm pretty sure you need to have 5 posts before the classifieds section becomes visible.
  4. @Matthicks hi, there’s heaps at all different sizes! cheers, jason
  5. Have a look at the live stock trader in the catfish classifieds on this forum. You'll see lots of people selling L number catfish. Just a matter of finding something you like that is in your price range. Cheers, Jason
  6. Have lots of 270's! Both sizes.....
  7. Hi @iliad, That fish store was on the money! There were some on gumtree recently advertised privately in Melbourne for $800 each. You cannot compare L number prices in USA to Australia. In USA they are legally allowed to be sold. In Australia if my memory is correct the only allowable import is the L168 Butterfly Pleco. If you find some cheaper count me in for 6 Cheers, Jason
  8. @Julio_13 All good points! Just impossible for me to feed a vege diet. I purchased 20 002's and 20 397's approx. two years ago. Number alive today 20 + 20 - 40 = 0! I keep 005, 007, 066, 134, 201, 270, 333 and haven't had 1 death from food related issues. Touch wood.......
  9. Hi @Julio_13, Sorry, the 397's don't suit my tanks. I keep discus and all my L's in the same tanks. The higher protein diet just doesn't suit Panaqolus sp. I stick to more of the omnivorous L's that better suit my needs and what I'm feeding. Cheers, Jason
  10. Plenty of L270's available now
  11. @AquaholicsOnline Tommy hasn't been online for nearly two years now so not sure if he'll even see your post so I'll answer for him. Unfortunately he doesn't. These were fry from my colony. I've had no luck trying to track some down from the people I sold fry to.
  12. Hi Jason, I have a spare male here if you need one. $200     Ph 0408 837179

    Cheers, Shaun

  13. Still have L270's @ 3-4cm size. $25ea or 6 for $120.
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