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  1. Hi James, Good to see a post from you mate. Haven't seen you on here for a while! Hope your doing well. Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi Debbie, Welcome! Some very knowledgeable people on here that have years and years of experience. What fish do you keep? Cheers, Jason
  3. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/toowoomba/fish/group-of-mirrorball-star-sapphire-cichlids/1266482964 Hi Mick, Not sure if these are of any help.... not many females. Cheers, Jason
  4. Hi Dr Bob, I'm pretty sure you need 5 posts before you can access the classifieds area. Welcome! Jason
  5. Aren't frogs legs a delicacy in Uzbekistan?..... or is that France
  6. That's a cool video soarer. Thanks for posting.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Best of luck with the search. I've been on the hunt for over six months now. Have had a few leads but no luck yet. Found some furcifer but no foai. I'll let you know if I manage to find some.... Cheers, Jason
  9. Doing some more research I've found that the quarterly average water testing results for Redland Bay for the past two years give a total hardness of 79mg/L and a conductivity of 270us/cm. Both these values fall in the moderately hard range. This confirms the theory that it's simply your tap water that is causing the hardness numbers. Interested to read other peoples opinions on this..... If this was my tank I'd do nothing but continue the regular water changes. Maybe that's my lazy side. I can guarantee that if I tested my largest discus and tetra tank the pH would be about 7.6 and it certainly wouldn't be soft water. Cheers, Jason
  10. I think the number one question we could all ask is are the fish healthy? This is my own personal opinion but I think people stress way too much over water chemistry. I've been keeping fish now for I'm guessing 37 years and it's been about 36 years and 11 months since I did a water test on any of my tanks. I've kept discus for years in straight tap water and not stressed over making is softer. I agree with @MFF. You need a base line to find out what the hardness of your tap water is. That will rule out if it's simply what's coming out of the tap or increasing because of something that's inside the tank. Might be a silly question but I've seen people have crushed coral in their hang on filters. What are you using for your filter media? Cheers, Jason
  11. I know you were after expert advice so apologies in advance Nothing jumps out at me as being too wrong. 50% water change will drop your nitrates! How do you get your temp to 25 in Brisbane? All my tanks in the garage sit at about 29-30 and the tanks inside at around 27-28. I even added an A/C vent in the roof of the garage to try and cool tanks. I've no issues with stocking levels in that size tank. As per @billfish comment..... what's the feeding routine? How often are you doing water changes and how much? What type of filtration are you running? Cheers, Jason
  12. Hi All, I've done this many many times before changing from gravel to sand. I have zero patience once I've made a decision to change a tank around. I used the same method as @aquaholic99 to remove old gravel. A net that is finer than the gravel size works a treat as long as you don't try to shove too much in one scoop. I've done that and the weight of gravel has broken the net. Only thing I do is turn off my filtration for half an hour or so after placing the finer sand to let it all settle. I've never worried about the fact that you are removing a lot of biofilm. I just make sure that I up the water changes a bit for the first couple of weeks. Cheers, Jason
  13. Hi Rob, I was quick to give @mcfry40 the heads up as soon as I noticed the ad. Would have bought them myself but new tanks won't be ready until Jan. Have sold all my L catfish and getting back into Tanganyikans Sold all my fish on the arrival of our first child as I just lost a bit of interest at the time. Didn't expect the stuff I'm after to be so hard to track down within a few years of being out of the loop so to speak. Good to hear from you. Have a great Xmas. Cheers, Jason
  14. @mcfry40 where's my fish consulting fees for the heads up?
  15. 20 Moba are going to look stunning once they get a bit of size to them
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