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  1. OK have to ask.... as my knowledge of saltwater is about the same as my knowledge of maxillofacial surgery..... what do these things do and how do they get in a tank to start off with? Live rock? Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi Ray and Sarah, No other words but FANTASTIC Those Scolymia corals nearly convince me to setup a salty tank!
  3. Great idea. Can't go wrong with that choice! Be interested in seeing other people's take on your question of buying from multiple locations and what others do. To be honest I've never bothered but I make sure I know the quality of fish I'm purchasing in the first place.
  4. Two ways to answer this question.... yes if you can get the same variant which is often not possible at the same time. But then... if you are wanting quality F1's then I see no real need to source from multiple locations. Anything purchased from @lloydashton I wouldn't waste my time sourcing stuff elsewhere
  5. I should have bought some when Lloyd had some fry for sale at the start of last year!! That male is SENSATIONAL.....
  6. Can you see any dates on those online ads? They'd be all old.
  7. No Wayne. That was Jonas Woods who I mentioned in the other post. He sold up a few years back. Assume he came up in a burundi frontosa search??
  8. I've never had much luck with the ones I find most attractive to look at.... oops sorry getting off topic there Filtration - Awesome, enough said. Overkill is good You'll have to post up a full tank shot once you get some fish in there.
  9. We can't answer that unfortunately. You need to decide on whatever you like the best. That's the great thing about fish keeping we all have our own opinions and tastes. My personal favourite is the Ikola Frontosa as I love the lighter blue colour they have in their dorsal fins. There was a member on here Jonas Woods that had AMAZING wild caught Burundi and sold plenty of F1 fry on this forum. He sold them all a few years back and I'm not sure where his colony ended up. Finding F1 burundi might be a challenge. Cheers, Jason
  10. Hi Wayne, OK... this is just my 2c and what I've done hundreds and hundreds of times. Not saying it's the right way or the wrong way (which more people will agree with) but I've never had an issue. Tanganyikan cichlids have been my passion since I first moved to brisbane back in 1990. I've always had plenty of tanks and never enough time. I'd see something that would come up for sale and not have a tank ready and just buy it. Was only monday that I did just that. Got home from work with the fish, filled an empty tank added some prime and simply added the fish. I'd much rather do this than have to wait for a tank to cycle and miss out on fish that I wanted. I just make sure that on all tanks I do this on I do more regular water changes for the first 2-4 weeks. I usually do about a third every 2nd day. Can I ask what filtration you have running on your tank? Best of luck with your tank. We all have a lot to learn mate. I've been keeping Tangs for over 30 years and I've still a lot to learn. One thing I have learnt is there are no silly questions. Feel free to post up or even private message me if you have any questions, happy to help in any small way I can. Cheers, Jason
  11. OK just did a google map search. Bulombora is just to the south of Kigoma in Tanzania. I'm guessing same fish... different collection point. Could be a way of an exporter to sell as a different location.
  12. Hi Wayne, LLoyd's Bulombora are F1's and 7 bar frontosa. I'm no expert in lake geography but I'm guessing Kigoma and Bulombora are very close to each other! I was always of the opinion that the Kigoma were the only 7 bar until I seen the Bulombora. Cheers, Jason
  13. @tdj5 do you know what his user name is?
  14. No worries Wayne. Just search frontosa and they'll show up. They are the bulombora variant.
  15. Hi Jonsey, You are definitely on the right path Can't go wrong with tropheus or fronnies! Cheers, Jason
  16. Hi Wayne, Contact @lloydashton on here. He's just posted up some Frontosa for sale on gumtree. Cheers, Jason
  17. As I thought We can rule that out!
  18. And a better shot of the gravel....
  19. Hey mate, Hard to 100% tell from 1 photo. Can answer the previous comments though. Substrate does not look like calcium carbonate. I tried to zoom in as much as I could to get a better look.... but it just looks like 2-5mm gravel to me. I'd be shocked if that was causing the problem. Agree with Scott @hareysfish... the test kit you are using is only the general range. I'm no chemist but I was was once told that if it hits 7.6 the darker the blue does not always mean a higher pH. You'd need the high range one to check any change on the higher end of the pH scale. I'd take that cave out do a water change and then test again in 2 days. That's the only thing jumping out at me from that 1 photo...... Any chance of a front on shot?
  20. @raycam01_au Thanks Ray... appreciate the help!
  21. Hi All, I'm trying to contact the QLD Cichlid Group but are finding my web searches coming up with nothing apart from their facebook page (I'm assuming the old webpage qcichlid.org has been closed). I don't have facebook. If there are any members on here could you let us know an email address or contact number? Cheers, Jason
  22. Been a few months.... still no leads
  23. Hi Guys, I miss the vids of the plates. Not the round ones on the bottom you have but the upright ones! That would look outstanding just a bigger version of your old tank. Could fit a lot more in as well Cheers, Jason
  24. Hey Ray, I also wanted some. You've obviously got the bank details. Do you mind if I send you my 2k so you could pass it on? Cheers, Jason
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