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  1. Hi mate 

    Do you still have the Albino Longfin with spot on it 

    Also do you ever come down North lakes or brissy way 






    1. ih8ubarney


      Sorry mate all the adult longfins are on hold

  2. The stuff from bunnings is normally pre cut in lengths and coiled up. The problem is, it's usually kinked at least once... Drives me nuts! Best to try and find somewhere that sell it off the roll.
  3. Waveline pumps..... any good?

    I really thought this thread would have got more replies... I really like the idea of being able to turn up the flow rate as I add tanks to raise fry, the when I sell them I can shut the tanks down and dial the pump back
  4. I have just about the opposite situation... Mine are just about impossible to kill. Last weekend I moved my tanks around and started a new sump. 100% water change straight from the town water hose. My biggest problem was the temp shock, my system was about 25 degrees, and the new water was 20 or 21... I lost some tetras, a little loach and a small peppermint... Now still struggling to get the temp back up. I have a batch of 2cm bn and a lot of 2.5 to 3cm... Didn't see any losses... Even had 2 lots eggs in a tumbler and I think 1/2 of them hatched. My only guess is they may not be getting enough food, if your getting heaps hatch... They'll plough through food, With warm water you can easily feed 4 algae wafers morning and night. I have drift wood and try to have the odd plant, more surface area for the little suckers... But no gravel
  5. Plumbing a Rack Questions

    Yeah I'm planning in using 25mm poly pipe for the bulk then for each outlet I've got a reducing T to 13mm and a 13mm poly valve.
  6. Waveline pumps..... any good?

    I'm thinking of getting one too so would love to hear some feed back on the waveline or other 10000lph + dc pumps
  7. Air Compressor or Air pump

    I've often wondered this myself, but my limited basic knowledge and understanding of how long the air would last and how it would be easily regulated, has restricted further exploration. not to mention I acquired a hiblow 40 that I'm continually plugging additional air driven equipment into and I feel I'm still far from finding its limits. "If" an air compressor were to be used, for me the most obvious issue would be to ensure that there was enough tank capacity to ENSURE that the compressor would not fire up for a refill whist you are sleeping! A friend of mine owns a compressor of this design (sadly it isn't for fish usage) however it's design is 2 large airs tanks(approx full size oxy bottles) filled by a comparatively small compressor (I'll try and get a pic over the weekend). For me this ideal solution is where the theoretical concept seems to go pear shaped in reality. As my friend had his compressor custom made.... At mates rates, and I think the real world cost of this solution would see it quickly excluded as a possibility. The other fact is the compressor takes up a heap of space when compared to and air pump. I also have no idea about the differences in efficiency. That said I'll try and pic of what I think would be ideal and a cost estimate
  8. I'd say yes, often a big water change will get my me going, and they are happier when the water is 25+
  9. I just killed all my shrimp

    Great to see all the generous offers!!
  10. I just killed all my shrimp

  11. Tanks

    you probably wont find many people who have had tanks from both, I don't think you'll got wrong either way. I've used Dennison in the past for some breeding tanks, they just breeding tanks but they are better built than any "off the shelf tank". if... scratch that.. when I need more tanks ill be heading to Dennison again.
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  13. Mangrove jack... Have a look on YouTube... A mate has one with a Saratoga, glass tank lids and fluro tubes aren't a good idea. Compatible tank mates are pretty limited
  14. filter media

    My system started with filter socks but I had to come up with a plan "b". Am breeding bn and they produce a lot of waste + I had a high bio load... A large filter sock wouldnt even lasting 12 hours. It all depends on what your trying to do and bio load... For me the highest priority is low maintenance so filter socks are out. Never really used sponges either
  15. haha, well generally money talks... clarifiers tend to be a lot cheaper, also your probably not adding new fish, just breeding what you have, so in theory your current system is disease free so clarifier should do just fine. be more careful with new additions by quarantining them till your sure they are healthy. just my thoughts, but then if I was breeding expensive L number I don't think I'd run the risk