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  1. Good possibility the Magnetic section on your filter impeller has a fine crack in it, this will break the magnetic field and the impeller will not rotate, thus cease pumping.
  2. Hey Phil thought you had dropped off the planet, plant may be some type of ottelia nice plant but hard to keep alive in aquaria. Hope all is good and your fish are still going ok.
  3. Aquarium Market Day 22nd July

    See you thereeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. geos and a 6ft

    Total of 10-12 fish, i have had 12 in a 5x2x20"deep with 2x 2300lt canister filters running, using sponges on the intake stems and cleaning the sponges every two weeks, this keeps most of the crap out of the canisters and allows the canisters to just purify the water, do regular water changes around 50% fortnightly, never had a problem doing it this way, just make sure you have ample filtration running, hope this helps. This is just my way of doing it, others will differ obviously.
  5. geos and a 6ft

    The Jurapari are more than likely Leucosticta and these are a very peaceful fish along with the Geo brachybranchus (surinamensis). Together they would give a very nice peaceful tank and great display, Sometimes RHTapajos can be a bit aggressive when breeding. Look at 5-6 of each i have mentioned and you should have no problems any more and you will need more filtration such as bigger capacity canisters or better still a sump, good luck.
  6. Lights

    Take a look at the range of new LED lights at Aquaholics one of the forum sponsers.
  7. Hey pony-tail, sorry to hear you are having health problems, not much going for this ageing process i am afraid, i hope you are on the improve and had some good news from your Doc today. Get well soon and i hope you will remain active within this forum for a long time yet. Good luck with your sale and best wishes.
  8. Sump return pipes breaking siphon

    Keep your mind above the belt!!!!!
  9. Sump return pipes breaking siphon

    Maybe you could use a flap valve or a non return valve.
  10. Photos of my SA Cichlids

    Hey there Aldobug, those Nics sure are looking good, great pics!!!
  11. New display 3ft cube

    Wickkyjr how much did the Loc line cost you? Gary Parker has it down the coast at Guppys in Burleigh Heads $15.95 each, either 1/2", 3/4" or 1" available. I need a couple of these myself.
  12. Great to know there are fellow members willing to go the extra mile and give a hand when needed. I recently had to pick up a 2400x600x700 from Eatons Hill and transport to Ipswich, lucky for me i have three adult sons to help out so no need to call on forum members. The main purpose of my post is to let you know how we carried from house to trailer and then to new location, others have probably already thought of my method but we used heavy lifting straps under the tank and over your shoulder, this way you can use the whole body to lift and not just the arms, cant believe how easy it made the lift with only four people. Maybe this method will be of benefit to others, hope it helps.
  13. 3 foot tank outside - Brisbane

    All of my tanks are under the back deck some get morning sun for a couple of hours, just checked them for temp and sitting at 35degC should'nt climb anymore i hope, past the hottest time of day now. This is in Ipswich west close to Amberley, wife just had thermometer on front patio reg 48degC. Too bloody hot!!!
  14. Breeding Pindari

    Yes Geophagus Pindari !! i did not think my question could be misinterpreted as such.
  15. Is anyone out there breeding Geo. Pindari at the moment?