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  1. Open the shut off valve on the top to release the air pressure inside the filter, as this increases when trying to push the top motor section on.
  2. Tried Guava leaves but a bit too rubbery, pumpkin vine , green bean, choko, beetroot all work fine just dry them out and rehydrate them when you use, mulberry seem to be one of the favourites though.
  3. Gday Kevin, i have a heap of moss here i can bring down when i bring the shrimp i owe you, maybe tomorrow if that suits  Gary.

  4. Hey Grubby, i had a guy who wanted to buy 5 Rainbow cichlids for $15.00 and deliver to Brisbane from Ips. Ended up selling him 10 for $30 and met him at Goodna only because i was going that way to visit rellies. Some people must have two d...s they surely cant be that stupid playing with one.
  5. Hey PonyTail, good to see you are still in the land of the living, hope things are going ok for you and best regards.
  6. Probably came with in the wood the Anubias is attached to, I once bought Anubias on wood and had an explosion of nematodes within a week they came in on the wood, Rather than use chemicals to rid the tank i just put some spotted blue eyes in the tank and they cleaned them up.
  7. Hey chickadee, looking for Geo. Rio Branco, Geo Rio Pindare, Have Geo. Brachybranchus . I would think Geo. Columbia / Venezuela are extremely rare and very hard to get.
  8. Currently setting up a 2400x.600x.700 tank in my office, going to be mainly for Geos, Heckeli, Elliotti, and maybe any other compatable fish that takes my attention. Wanting to have at least three different Geos but finding them extremely hard to source, maybe someone reading this knows where i can procure some.
  9. Ozmo you got any Rio Branco's to sell or other Geos besides red heads.
  10. Good possibility the Magnetic section on your filter impeller has a fine crack in it, this will break the magnetic field and the impeller will not rotate, thus cease pumping.
  11. Hey Phil thought you had dropped off the planet, plant may be some type of ottelia nice plant but hard to keep alive in aquaria. Hope all is good and your fish are still going ok.
  12. Total of 10-12 fish, i have had 12 in a 5x2x20"deep with 2x 2300lt canister filters running, using sponges on the intake stems and cleaning the sponges every two weeks, this keeps most of the crap out of the canisters and allows the canisters to just purify the water, do regular water changes around 50% fortnightly, never had a problem doing it this way, just make sure you have ample filtration running, hope this helps. This is just my way of doing it, others will differ obviously.
  13. The Jurapari are more than likely Leucosticta and these are a very peaceful fish along with the Geo brachybranchus (surinamensis). Together they would give a very nice peaceful tank and great display, Sometimes RHTapajos can be a bit aggressive when breeding. Look at 5-6 of each i have mentioned and you should have no problems any more and you will need more filtration such as bigger capacity canisters or better still a sump, good luck.
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