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  1. would you mind sending me the dimensions first? no point if its too big :/

  2. Hey mate i have a piece of mangrove root.. send me your numbrr and Il send u a pic

  3. Hey guys I just got a new tank, looking at making this one a dutch scape! Specs: 58L 30D 41H Light: 18w GroLux Substrate: Amazonia Aquasoil Filters: Currently a 300lph HOB unit, also have a tiny 150lph internal, 380lph internal with spray bar and some other bigger filters... Fauna: 1x Honey Gourami, 1x Ottocinclus, bunch of Pacific blue eyes, bunch of red cherry shrimp and snails....ugh. Flora: HM, Ambulia, Java Moss, not sure on these but im guessing Ludwigia Repens and Hygrophila Polysperma C02: DIY Currently this is all running in my current 2ft (not as tall) which I will be replacing with the new tank. I am looking at getting some red plants (suggestions???) and was wondering if my lighting will be enough. Also does anyone have any suggestions for increasing the "depth" of soil at the back of the tank? (rather than using the precious aquasoil, using sand or rocks or something to add height) My 2 favorite shots of my current setup
  4. Thanks Donny, I actually tried this already with mint in a small box setup off the back of my tank (theres a small thread somewhere about it). It worked really well but I got rid of it as it was only a temporary trial.
  5. With regards to the HM not thriving in low light, i have JUST over 1WPG, DIY Co2 at around 1BPS and it seems to be growing like crazy (just planted it this week, grown a couple centimeters already!)
  6. Hey, I'm interested in the Val that you are giving away, I don't need much at all. Hopefully this message works as in on my phone.



  7. Tamiya - the limitations of liquid cooling is that the min temperature you can acheive is your ambient as I'm sure you're aware (coming from a fellow liquid cooler). Also I would highly advise against using a heatsink/radiator where the metal is in contact with the water as usually they're copper which shrimp are HIGHLY sensitive to I believe, and perhaps something to do with the aluminium too? (I say this because I was also looking into a DIY peltier cooled but didnt end up finishing it, but for some reason aluminium was bad and titanium was the only way to go). I looked into NoL's guide for evap cooling ages ago, found it really interesting. What I ended up doing for my 25L tank was just get an old CPU fan and mount it on carbon fibre rods and find a AC-DC 12v power supply to power it. Probably wouldnt be hard to make a full bridge rectifier either if you didnt have a spare power supply lying around. http://i.imgur.com/zRa9b.jpg?1 Worked quite well - dropped a max of 4 degrees water temp which was good!
  8. Hahahaha, if it works then why not! Awesome work
  9. Im interested to get them for my Apisto's
  10. I'd be interested if you find out!
  11. Haha thanks, hopefully it'll grow enough to supply me with some tea
  12. Another 2 days growth = about an inch in the roots ... not bad!
  13. Thanks, yea ill try to get my hands on some white worms if possible...anyone selling these?
  14. Currently im running out of blackworms for my apisto pair, and was wondering what would be a source of food that would be easy to culture for these guys. From reading it seems that micro worms are really easy to culture but i'm assuming they'd be too small to feed adult apistos... what about white worms? can we get them here?
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