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  1. Hi Bunyip, I don't have any experience with Seachem Flourite but when i was setting up my low tech planted aquarium i did research flourite. Some forums did mention it was sharp for Corys but i don't have any corys. Other's stated they used it and it was fine. It was on the sharp side but not very sharp. Just have a search on google for flourite with corys and it should bring up some overseas forums with their experiences with flourite. I actually puchased Eco Complete fine substrate which would be great for Corys .. however Caribsea has since discontined the fine grade. They only sell coarse now. Secondly, flourite can get very cloudy from my research. It needs to be washed thoroughly for a long time and even then it can be cloudy after putting it in the tank. When i used eco-complete you can just dump it straight in to the tank - no need to wash it. Many planted aquarium people do recommended pool filter sand for planted aquariums when you keep corys. Again i think this sand needs to be washed a tremendous amount. But i have no experience with it. I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the link. This one should work: http://www.sydneydiscusworld.com/co2pro-0-82l-540g-alloy-cylinder/ I had a look at that CO2Art website. The prices are great for my budget. The reviews are also positive. The total CO2 package price with currency conversion is around $180. That's an excellent price for a complete package. The CO2 equipment here in Australia are good but i can't fit everything within my budget. I will do some further research and then maybe take the plunge with CO2Art. Cheers.
  3. Hi fish people Please move this thread if it's not in the right section. Anyway I have decided to add CO2 to my tank. Tank is a 3ft Aqua One Horizon 130 with a AquaClear 70 HOB filter running. It is currently low tech but i want to add medium light plants and add CO2 now. I already have a used CO2 Bottle. It is a CO2PRO 0.82L bottle: http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/products.php?product=CO2PRO-0.82L-%7B47%7D-540g-Alloy-Cylinder I have a budget of $200 and would like advice on which regulator/solenoid, bubble counter, diffuser, etc. to purchase? Specifically brand or models that you guys would recommend and which will fit into my budget. I have read that some people have purchased from this overseas ebay seller: goaqua88 on eBay Any CO2 equipment worth buying from that seller or can you recommend something locally? Thanks for an help.
  4. Yes Donny i did I put majority of the seachem matrix in mesh bags as well as other filter media i had into the AQ70. The AQ70 is a big HOB so i was able to fit a lot of the bio media. Now only time will tell if the algae stays away or not.
  5. I hope not .. the tank looks very clean and nice to look at right now. I hope it stays like this .. but who knows lol
  6. Well thought i'd update my thread. I wasn't going to start the tank again but couldn't stand the algae so i cleaned the tank over the weekend. I kept the eco complete in the tank but removed the algae from the substrate, glass and lava rock. I also added an AquaClear 70 HOB to my tank since the canister broke when cleaning it (impeller shaft i believe). Here are a few pics of it now: All i need to do now is get some fish as well as add a bunch more plants on the right side of the tank.
  7. Thanks for the carbon suggestions. I will check it out as i'm not currently running any CO2 in this tank. Yes the water wisteria grows very rapidly. I usually have to trim it. As you can see in the picture the wisteria has grown to the top of the tank. Just the other plants aren't doing so well. In terms of the scape i'm not really sure but def add more plants. I like Hygro Polysperma and Rotala Rotundifolia which may work for this tank. I also want to add fish that may eat the snails as well as fish that eat algae. That should sort out most of my problems I do agree the tank does look bare with a lot of eco complete unused which is causing the algae issues. I now want to add a whole bunch plants to the left of the scape as well as a few mid ground plants .. mainly crypts (wendtii or pygmy) Cheers for the help thus far
  8. Sorry i couldn't add proper sized photos. It wouldn't let me. I hope you can see the algae over the java moss and lava rock as well as substrate.
  9. Have a look at pics and see that many plants is enough? I don't have any fish that eats algae only white cloud mountain minnows. My water parameters are good. 0 ammonia and nitrite and 0 nitrate. P.H is 7.4 Also i only stir up the eco complete a little bit and then vacuum above the surface. Since the eco complete is the fine version .. my gravel vac easily sucks up the eco complete into the bucket. So i have to be careful using the gravel vac. See my pics below. I have algae over some plants but mainly the eco complete and lava rock. This is the main reason why i want to start again. A mix of green and brown algae by the looks of it. Also did i mention i have a snail infestation now. I don't know how they came but no matter i do they won't go away.
  10. Thanks for the reply Donny. I always thought my tank was dirty; not clean. But that maybe cause of the algae all over it .. lol I have a cheap SunSun canister from ebay which i clean once a month. Just rinse the filter pads and seachem matrix in aquarium water. I can turn on the extra light switch on my double T8 light or add even more light but i only have a handful of plants in there. They are growing well - to the top of the tank .. just some of them are covered in algae. I just use root tabs under the plants that's all. I can post a picture tomorrow morning when the light is on. Thanks.
  11. Ah someone with the same problem. No matter what i have tried to get rid of this algae it doesn't seem to want to go away. This is why i want to pull the tank down and start again. I think what i'll do is leave the eco complete alone and remove any algae by hand or areas that have large amounts of algae. I don't want to kill the bacteria though by cleaning the whole eco complete.
  12. Yes i will thoroughly clean the tank now (not the substrate) including removing algae off the plants. I have a cheap canister filter that needs to be cleaned and filter pads replaced.
  13. No the tank was setup around 8 months ago and the algae has gradually gotten worse over the past 2 months. I have reduced light period to 4 hours a day and feed fish every 2 days. I have done this for a while now and now decided to just start again. So if clean the substrate will this kill off any beneficial bacteria? Bad idea? Or go for it and get rid of any algae on the substrate?
  14. Hi fish people, I am going to rescape/clean my fish tank and start again.I am battling algae issues at the moment and have decided just to pull it down and start again. My current tank is a standard 3ft tank and is low tech with double T8 lighting (only 1 switch is on). I still don't understand how i managed to get algae with a simple low light tank. I only have 6 white cloud mountain minnows in my tank and a bunch of water wisteria plants, java moss and anubias. But i need to know can i wash my eco complete substrate and put it back in the tank again or is that a big no no? The reason i ask is the eco complete has algae growing on it .. brown algae by the looks of it. Please advise me how to go about the cleaning process (esp the eco complete). Thanks.
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