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  1. Firstly, welcome, there's plenty of advice around here. Just ask a question As a planted tank guy, knowing all the benefits of plants, I have to say, don't remove the floating stuff if it's just to get rid of plants, it's great for maintaining water quality!
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  3. Wait, you're meant to keep wine?
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  5. They should just hatch on their own. What happens to them after that, however, is another story. Alternatively you could do something like this:
  6. "One day we'll find a cure for cancer, but until that day lets make remote control fish tanks, that the fish can control!" -Scientists
  7. Give it a few days to a week. You won't really have any signs until there's something in there to start the ammonia cycle. As Donny said, Aquasoils don't usually have a massive spike but it's possible. Ammonia will be first, with no nitrites or nitrate, once the nitrite comes in to play, the nitrite eating bacteria can begin to turn that in to nitrate. I would normally wait at least three weeks before any fish (fishless cycling- give that a quick search) and two months before any expensive or sentimentally valuable fish go in.
  8. A fresh planted tank with seeded soils will spike in ammonia, I would definitely not be putting anything else in there for a few weeks. Better to stay safe than to spend the money and have the fish die anyway. On the scape, A good start, I would maybe move the foreground rock a little more to the right, You'll have a better sense of space within the tank that way, I think.
  9. Is there a photo there now? I did post it but something odd happened and it disappeared!
  10. Hey guys! This is my newest aquascape, three days old and I'm already super stoked! Tell me what you guys think or any ways I might be able to improve! Don't know why the photo vanished before
  11. I showed my old set up but here's my new tank (three days old)
  12. This is an awesome sized tank. It would even be awesome to see it scaped with four viewing angles, in the middle of a room. It would replace my TV,that's for certain
  13. It's one or the other, I feed my goldfish plants as an extra snack from time to time
  14. Inside of the stand, Inside the board, needs to be 620 x 490 and height is 940, with a hood about 300 high and 620 x 490. Finished in something like Licorice Linea or similar coloured Laminex. What might this be worth?
  15. Hi Pheobles, I'm people. Welcome to the forum, officially! Plenty to learn and eventually teach. We're a pretty easy bunch to get along with!
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