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    My interest in aquaria has a massive hold on me after getting into it on more than somewhat amateur level. I absolutely love talking about fish and aquariums and everything that goes along with the hobby. There is not a day that goes by that I don't google something to do with my hobby.
    As I am a full time student I don't have a great deal of money to splash around but i can't wait till I am working full time once again so i can splash out go crazy. I currently have a 6x2x2 and a 4ft set up. With 3 Oscar's, 1 Red Devil and 2 Pleco's in the 6. And Africans in the 4ft including Peakocks, Venustus, Fire Mouths, Jewels, Electric Yellows etc.
    I am living in a studio at the moment so not a whole lot of room but when i get a larger place I will be definitely going a lot larger with something like a 8 or 10 foot by 3 1/2 x 3 1/2. Cant wait and can only dream of the fish I will be able to stock this size tank one day.
    My other love is music, there is not a day that goes by that I din't listen to it. My music passion involves Aussie Hip Hop, anything Heavy, Blues, Bluegrass and so much more.
    I don't mind the odd game of footy but I am definitely not a footy fanatic.
    I also like cars and bikes.
  • Interests
    Definitely Aquaria, Music, Cars and Bikes and my mates.
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    Full time student/Diploma in Community Services
  1. Hi peoples. I would like to know if anyone has a 2ft stand for sale please.
  2. 10 at palm size would be pretty expensive I think. Do you know where I may be able to get them at a decent price?
  3. I would like to introduce about 4 Silver Dollars into my 6x2x2 with my Oscars but am worried my O's will attack them. I have 3 O's, (all about 10") 2 Plecos, (about 8-9") and two small White Convicts. I was thinking of releasing about 10 Bronze Comets first and when the big fella's are full then introducing the Silver Dollars. The SD's will be around 2-2 1/2" Any feedback would be great please.
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  5. Filled with red or blue food coloring would be really interesting.
  6. Hi guy's. Just wondering if anyone can tell me about hatching Oscar eggs please. My Oscar has laid eggs and I am pretty sure my other is a male. If I take them out of the tank they are in and hatch them in a breeding tank will I need filtration running as well as air or will the oxygen supply be sufficient and will I really need Methleyne Blue?
  7. Just wondering if i take them out on the rock and put them in a breeding tank I know i need air flow but will I need water filtration as well?
  8. Hey there people. Just wondering if anyone can tell me how long after Oscars lay their eggs does the male fertilize them. My female is laying them and as soon as she does the male is eating them. I want to pull them out and artificially hatch them but how do I know weather they have been fertilized or not?
  9. I had exactly the same problem with mine a while back when I moved mine form there 4ft to my new 6ft, they sooked for weeks and weeks and wouldn't eat anything I put in the tank with them. Couple of months later, now they are truly the biggest pigs and will eat huge amounts of food. I have found my Oscars to be pretty picky when it comes to eating food though, mine have never been fond of eating pellets and I used to feed them steak which they don't seem to like anymore after their move so now they love blood worm, beef heart and brine shrimp. my suggestion to you is just keep persevering and eventually they will come good, try different foods and see which one or ones they like best.
  10. Hey guy's just wondering what peoples thoughts are on weather you think my tank is overstocked and if it isn't then any suggestions for new fish would be great. My tank is 6x2x2, I currently have it stocked with 3 Oscars about 9-10" each, 2 Pleco's around 8" each and a couple of little Convicts. For filtration I am running 2 external canister filters both with mechanical and bio filtration, (one is 2200ltrs per hour and the other is 2700ltrs per hour), I am also running 2x 2200ltr per hour internals with coarse sponge for mechanical filtration. I am thinking of purchasing a few Silver Dollars but not quite sure if i should or not. Can anyone suggest any other type of fish that would be compatible with my current tank dwellers. I would like to put something in with them with a bit of color to offset my Oscars. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys.
  11. I just want to send out a big hello to a new member that has just joined the forum. So welcome Cananoly and I hope you enjoy the forum and all it has to offer.
  12. Why no lids? Problem easily solved, put lids on your tank.
  13. The movement in your floor could end up cracking the base of the tank I believe as your tank should be completely level but I think it depends on how much movement you say is occurring. Is the movement in the center of the tank or at one end?
  14. I thought my Red Devil in my tank with my 3 Oscars, 2 Pleco's and Convict were all fine together until one day I came home and my Red Devil had absolutely bashed the **** out of my Convict to such an extent he ended up dying and he was my favorite out of the lot of them and this was after having them all in the same tank for a year. I have since taken my R.D out of the tank and now she is in a tank on her own as I just cant trust her anymore. Red Devils are generally a highly aggressive fish and I have read that they will kill every fish in a tank one by one until they are the last fish standing. Maybe it's different with yours but I implore you to watch her closely because mine was a female as well so never turn your back. I have heard two Convicts together in a tank can hold their own but my Devil never ate feeder fish including Goldfish and Gudgeons.
  15. Lemon juice and vinegar used together are a very good all round glass cleaner as well and then you don't have to worry about ruining the silicon as well. I would check with someone else on the laminated glass that has experience, I know you cant drill it as it will shatter if you do.
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