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  1. Nice and clear now, I just need to have patience. :-) Thanks for the assistance.
  2. Thank you. It appears clearer this morning. I'll do a 50% water change this afternoon if it is still cloudy.
  3. I'm after some advice. I set up my new tank 2 days ago. Initially the water was Crystal clear but it has now gone very cloudy. I have a new canister filter with carbon, bio balls and ceramic noodles. I thoroughly washed all the media before starting the filter. I now have a sponge filter and a bio filter running as well but it doesn't seem to be clearing the water up. Any suggestions on what I can do please?
  4. Still looking for someone. Surely there is a cabinet maker out there looking for some extra cash? :-)
  5. [MENTION=12791]fishfish[/MENTION] No it's not a standard size I'd need the tank 900mmx 610mmx 800 high.
  6. [MENTION=1045]bud[/MENTION] da stud Email sent Cheers
  7. [MENTION=12791]fishfish[/MENTION] Thank you anyway. I can understand you not wanting to be overloaded. I'll keep looking. I know there is a guy at Caboolture it's just a pain to go all that way to pick it up. Cheers
  8. [MENTION=12791]fishfish[/MENTION] It would depend on how long I have to wait. I'm not in a hurry as I have an existing tank but I would like it within the next month or so. How long would I have to wait? Cheers
  9. Hi all, I am after someone who can build me a specific size fish tank cabinet. I want to be able to paint it so I have been told to use a high density particle board. Would this be correct? The tank size is 910mm long x 500mm wide x 500mm high. I would want the cabinet to be 800mm high Please PM if you can help Cheers
  10. I know there was someone on here that builds tanks on the south side of Brisbane but due to old age creeping up (that's my excuse anyway) I can't recall his name. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? I'm also hoping to get a stand built to fit the tank & possibly a sump as this will be a Marine tank. Cheers
  11. If you are looking for fresh natural salt water contact Jason. I have bought 350 litres off him in the last week. He sells it at a great price, delivers quickly & he very easy to deal with. Thanks again Jason
  12. Thanks for the reply but I don't know who Shon is. Any further detail or how to contact them please? Cheers
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