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  1. Large portions needle leaf java fern

    Thanks, how much would the plant pack be with postage to Sunshine Coast Queensland 4551 please??
  2. Large portions needle leaf java fern

    I really like some if you have any left.
  3. Looking for some small tanks.

    Thanks I'll check them out.
  4. Looking for some small tanks.

    Thank for your help. :-)
  5. Looking for some small tanks.

    Thanks but that would be too large.
  6. 20 litres will do. I'm on the Sunshine Coast so upper North Side is OK.
  7. Blue cherry shrimp

    Still waiting on a reply to my PM please Pete.
  8. Wtb big driftwood pieces

    How big are you after?
  9. Very authentic looking rock planter. Suitable for growing plants in an Aquarium Approximately 36cm long and 20cm wide. Only one planter per box. Pick up Meridan Plains 4551 or postage available at buyers risk and expense.
  10. Yes Wickham Terrace is in the city.
  11. Blue cherry shrimp

    I've sent you a PM.
  12. Cloudy water

    Nice and clear now, I just need to have patience. :-) Thanks for the assistance.
  13. That should be pick.
  14. Hi if they are still available my tank is ready. I'm down at Wickham Terrace on Monday. Is it possible to meet you to puck them up please?
  15. Cloudy water

    Thank you. It appears clearer this morning. I'll do a 50% water change this afternoon if it is still cloudy.