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  1. Happy to pay postage or pick up Sunshine Coast.
  2. lilly1958

    Blue cherry shrimp

    Still waiting on a reply please..
  3. lilly1958

    Blue cherry shrimp

    Hi Pete, are you still selling these shrimp? Cheers Lisa
  4. Hi, I'm wanting to get some Africans. Does anyone breed them on the Sunshine Coast or upper North side of Brisbane. It's a new tank so I'll need ones that can cohabit together. Cheers.
  5. lilly1958

    Blue cherry shrimp

    Hey Pete, I sent you a PM a couple of days ago. Cheers Lisa
  6. lilly1958

    FS: Cherry Shrimp

    Hi where are you located please?
  7. lilly1958

    Large portions needle leaf java fern

    Thanks, how much would the plant pack be with postage to Sunshine Coast Queensland 4551 please??
  8. lilly1958

    Large portions needle leaf java fern

    I really like some if you have any left.
  9. lilly1958

    Blue cherry shrimp

    Still waiting on a reply to my PM please Pete.
  10. lilly1958

    Blue cherry shrimp

    I've sent you a PM.
  11. lilly1958

    Cloudy water

    Nice and clear now, I just need to have patience. :-) Thanks for the assistance.
  12. lilly1958

    Cloudy water

    Thank you. It appears clearer this morning. I'll do a 50% water change this afternoon if it is still cloudy.
  13. I'm after some advice. I set up my new tank 2 days ago. Initially the water was Crystal clear but it has now gone very cloudy. I have a new canister filter with carbon, bio balls and ceramic noodles. I thoroughly washed all the media before starting the filter. I now have a sponge filter and a bio filter running as well but it doesn't seem to be clearing the water up. Any suggestions on what I can do please?