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  1. Would you be able to express post the starter colony please?
  2. Nice and clear now, I just need to have patience. :-) Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Thank you. It appears clearer this morning. I'll do a 50% water change this afternoon if it is still cloudy.
  4. I'm after some advice. I set up my new tank 2 days ago. Initially the water was Crystal clear but it has now gone very cloudy. I have a new canister filter with carbon, bio balls and ceramic noodles. I thoroughly washed all the media before starting the filter. I now have a sponge filter and a bio filter running as well but it doesn't seem to be clearing the water up. Any suggestions on what I can do please?
  5. Still looking for someone. Surely there is a cabinet maker out there looking for some extra cash? :-)
  6. [MENTION=12791]fishfish[/MENTION] No it's not a standard size I'd need the tank 900mmx 610mmx 800 high.
  7. [MENTION=1045]bud[/MENTION] da stud Email sent Cheers
  8. [MENTION=12791]fishfish[/MENTION] Thank you anyway. I can understand you not wanting to be overloaded. I'll keep looking. I know there is a guy at Caboolture it's just a pain to go all that way to pick it up. Cheers
  9. [MENTION=12791]fishfish[/MENTION] It would depend on how long I have to wait. I'm not in a hurry as I have an existing tank but I would like it within the next month or so. How long would I have to wait? Cheers
  10. Hi all, I am after someone who can build me a specific size fish tank cabinet. I want to be able to paint it so I have been told to use a high density particle board. Would this be correct? The tank size is 910mm long x 500mm wide x 500mm high. I would want the cabinet to be 800mm high Please PM if you can help Cheers
  11. I know there was someone on here that builds tanks on the south side of Brisbane but due to old age creeping up (that's my excuse anyway) I can't recall his name. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? I'm also hoping to get a stand built to fit the tank & possibly a sump as this will be a Marine tank. Cheers
  12. If you are looking for fresh natural salt water contact Jason. I have bought 350 litres off him in the last week. He sells it at a great price, delivers quickly & he very easy to deal with. Thanks again Jason
  13. Thanks for the reply but I don't know who Shon is. Any further detail or how to contact them please? Cheers
  14. Does anyone know if C leptosoma "Utinta' & 'Blue Flash' are available in Australia & if so where I might be able to get some?
  15. Thanks Matthew, It was nice to see you again. The shrimp have settled in well Thank you for an easy simple purchase. Cheers
  16. Thanks for taking the time to answer my post. The Bristlenose trio look great & were well packed for shipping. Easy buying from BRISSY Cheers Lisa
  17. Thanks for a nice easy sale Theo. Shrimp are a great colour & the Bristlenose have settled well. Cheers Lisa
  18. Thanks [MENTION=3166]liquidg[/MENTION], I'm sure I could round up a bottle or 2. That's why I was after 5-6 so I can get a male/female mix & hope they breed for me. Cheers
  19. Thanks liquidg, I have asked at a number of pet stores & they only seem to have peppermint shrimp & turbo snails. Do you sell any of you shrimp? I'm after about 5-6. Cheers
  20. [MENTION=516]shaneo[/MENTION] 27, That would be wonderful, Thank you.
  21. Any ideas where I can buy some of these please? Cheers
  22. Well I do want live ones but I'm liable to kill myself running around the bay at night. Not as young as I used to be. . I think it's safer for me to buy live ones, unless you kind gentlemen feel the need to head off to the bay one night. Just Kidding.
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