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  1. Shipping to Brisbane this Saturday if anyone keen.circled one is male $1000 shipped,females $1500-$1600 shipped
  2. Females and males,cheaper for pairs located Taree Nsw.shipping included in price.east coast only $1500 femalepair $2300$1000 each males$1800 female.
  3. Females$1500 - $1800 DF55E6D2-A0E0-4683-820F-251508B7DE08.MOV
  4. Males $1000 shipped east coast
  5. All sold but have 75% available
  6. All on hold till next weekend pending payment/pickup.
  7. 3x 50-50 male leo x motoro 18-25 cm $450 each plus shipping 8B391B97-68D7-47BE-9CC5-2FC5B588DA47.MOV
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Has anyone used this stuff and where did you by it from???
  10. It will all depend on how big each section in your sump is,the smaller the section the faster the water will flow past the media and the bigger the section will allow more time for bacteria to do there thing.it will be trial and error to find out what works regarding the turn over rate all depending on how much you feed them.
  11. You will find you have upset the bacteria in you tank that’s why you have ammonia showing up.all I would do is keep the water changes goin and don’t feed for a few days to let the bacteria catch up and make sure you have plenty of airation in the tank
  12. There’s a few different species of rays available.motoros,mantilla,leos,black diamonds and p14.theres also plenty of cross breeds around.never heard of “golden super spot” just super spots.
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