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  1. If I lived up that way I would be keen to tag along.good luck and safe travels
  2. Ive built a ply/steel tank 12ftx6ftx1m the thread should be on here somewhere
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Has anyone used this stuff and where did you by it from???
  5. It will all depend on how big each section in your sump is,the smaller the section the faster the water will flow past the media and the bigger the section will allow more time for bacteria to do there thing.it will be trial and error to find out what works regarding the turn over rate all depending on how much you feed them.
  6. You will find you have upset the bacteria in you tank that’s why you have ammonia showing up.all I would do is keep the water changes goin and don’t feed for a few days to let the bacteria catch up and make sure you have plenty of airation in the tank
  7. There’s a few different species of rays available.motoros,mantilla,leos,black diamonds and p14.theres also plenty of cross breeds around.never heard of “golden super spot” just super spots.
  8. I’ve built a 12x6x3 ply tank (build thread in project section)with a steel stand and just in materials cost around 6k and it took me around one working week to build it and I done all the work myself and got someone to help fibreglassing and a few mates to help put the 148kg glass panel in.if I was to quote something this size I would want 10k to cover labour,delivery,any extra costs plus profit.
  9. Ply wood tanks are very labour intensive so they become very costly if your paying someone to build it for you.how do you want it?any tank under 800mm high will be cheaper to do in glass
  10. Try a few high protein pellets to.i find when there guts get skinny some protein helps.
  11. You will probably find they have breed with another species in that tank.over the yrs I've had yellows cross breed with cobolts Blues ,polits,mainganos.so ild say the colours come from cross breeding
  12. Only silvers are allowed as they were imported back in the 70s or 80s.so these could be descendants of those brought it all those years ago.
  13. I'm not to sure winston but my mate has had one for atleast two yrs and still goin strong.he said to me they came from the top end somewhere but now are illegal to collect.
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