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  1. i will grab a pair if you still have some mate, some of the best quality L numbers around. cheers mick
  2. what sort of timer are you using? my main worry is the timer failing. I haven't found a reliable brand that doesn't stop eventually. cheers mick
  3. there is a member on here @KillieOrCory that sells vinegar eels. haven't seen him around for a while but it could be worth a try. cheers mick
  4. hi mate, I run a luguna 7000lph turned down with a valve. I am setting up a larger system soon and will be experimenting with 12v pumps on a timer so they only run for 20 minutes every hour. if it works I could run the system off grid. cheers mick
  5. the turtles will eat every plant, the dovii and jag will shred them. you could build a separate section for the plants and flow water through it before it goes back to the pond. cheers mick
  6. welcome to the forum. you should put up some pics of the favourites that stayed and the pond. don't worry about going too deep into the hobby, we all do it lol. cheers, mick
  7. I have started feeling the love for the humble fighting fish recently. the small tanks makes life so easy compared to keeping americans. keen to see everyone's fish and setups so I will start. cheers, mick
  8. hi all, in the last year I have been running aquaponics. I recommend anyone to give it a go, just feed the fish and add some nutrients. I even dump all my water change water into the system. it's got goldfish in the black ibc with bn and guppies in the white/sump ibc. I've mostly grown green leafy Vegetables but I'm experimenting with cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum to name a few. anyway, time for pics. cheers mick
  9. let's get this staff tip of the day happening again @Donny@ageofaquariums. cheers, mick
  10. Definitely illegal and I guarantee they weren't here before the import ban. Assassin snails like all shrimp except red cherries were brought in over the last 5 or so years. Most, if not all references to tanks getting nuked on skf were deleted the same as Perth cichlid forum. I wouldn't be telling people if I had them just in case fisheries decide to do a crackdown. Cheers mick
  11. I forgot about discus and angels, the others i didnt know about so thanks for that pk. Cheers mick
  12. There has been talk over the years that anything on the grey list will eventually be declared noxious. If that happens say goodbye to all americans except oscars, rams and keyholes. I personally think that if they go through with it they might as well add the last few remaining species so it makes more sense but being a guy that likes americans it will be a sad, sad day. Cheers mick
  13. Yay thanks @Grover65k i was getting gpg withdrawals lol. I only see pics of boys, i hope there is some girls amongst the sausage party or they may be harder to breed. Cheers mick
  14. That pic will do fine for now mate lol. But some gpg footage would be nice as well Cheers mick
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