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  1. not sure about smart but I see heaps of videos of people playing with their flowerhorns if you're after something interactive
  2. I have a couple at marsden pm me if interested.
  3. Hi all, looking for the above fish, they have had a few name changes over the years. any hints or clues as to who still has some will be appreciated. cheers, mick
  4. hi all, I have 2 fertile males to move along 1st pic $150 2nd pic $100 both around 30cms pickup Marsden 4132
  5. all caves $5 each, minimum buy of 5.
  6. most people I spoke to about edible fish said they didn't taste too good unless you put them in clean water for a week or two to flush them. My approach is more from a hobby side, if the goldys breed I have feeders and I'm looking at getting some balzanii as they do well up here over winter. I've had some Africans in the system for summer and also have 3 silver perch so I might give one a chew when they're bigger and do a review.
  7. hi all, due to a change of direction with my tanks I have some new caves to sell. D shape, triangle and small caves $8 each 5 for $35 large caves $10 each 5 for $45 only 10 of each size pickup Marsden qld, can post for $15 cheers, mick
  8. Hi billfish, I'm not sure of the micron but I will get it checked. I have fed it to ram, cory, African and American fry, not sure about the killies. cheers, mick
  9. I wouldn't survive winter in Warwick lol
  10. I have heard that the piaa is trying to get pet shops classed as essential services to keep them open. we have animals to keep alive. I have just launched a range of shrimp food, minerals and fry powder that are made here from australian ingredients, could be a good time or a really bad time to start. cheers, mick
  11. there has been a slight upgrade. should be able to produce anything now. The bn line in the system have been in outside ponds for a few years, they just stop breeding over winter. cheers, mick
  12. what sort of timer are you using? my main worry is the timer failing. I haven't found a reliable brand that doesn't stop eventually. cheers mick
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