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  1. 30cm albino tiger oscar female $30 20cm coatzocalcos male $20 2x 20cm bocourti unknown $20 each 20cm red bay snook unknown $20 20cm brasilensis male $10 10cm pair gold saum rivulatis female a little beaten up $10 pickup Marsden 4132
  2. Definitely illegal and I guarantee they weren't here before the import ban. Assassin snails like all shrimp except red cherries were brought in over the last 5 or so years. Most, if not all references to tanks getting nuked on skf were deleted the same as Perth cichlid forum. I wouldn't be telling people if I had them just in case fisheries decide to do a crackdown. Cheers mick
  3. I forgot about discus and angels, the others i didnt know about so thanks for that pk. Cheers mick
  4. There has been talk over the years that anything on the grey list will eventually be declared noxious. If that happens say goodbye to all americans except oscars, rams and keyholes. I personally think that if they go through with it they might as well add the last few remaining species so it makes more sense but being a guy that likes americans it will be a sad, sad day. Cheers mick
  5. Yay thanks @Grover65k i was getting gpg withdrawals lol. I only see pics of boys, i hope there is some girls amongst the sausage party or they may be harder to breed. Cheers mick
  6. That pic will do fine for now mate lol. But some gpg footage would be nice as well Cheers mick
  7. Great news grover, if your thinking of making the oval floating islands i would use pool noodles. If they can get a fat bloke like me afloat a few iris plants would be no trouble at all. Patiently awaiting pics Cheers mick
  8. Saying the chemistry and ph is ok doesn't help. We need to know the numbers to be able to help. Are you sure its eating? You may need to watch and make sure it is. What prawns are you feeding it, prawns from overseas get injected with jelly to up the weight and are dyed for better colour. Uncooked aussie prwans are the best for feeding to fish. If it has stringy clear poop it could have intestinal worms, if you need to give it a worm treatment its best to soak the food in it and follow the instructions carefully. Cheers mick
  9. A male umbee or dovii is what i would get. A 40+cm umbee is a great looking fish as is a 2ft dovii, both are very aggressive and are better kept alone. Cheers mick
  10. The next incarnation of the billabong. It would be an epic build but if they dont breed in a pond that size they never will. Cheers mick
  11. They may become waterlogged overtime and sink further so make sure you still have cables to hold them up. The billabong is looking great with the added greenery and i dont mean the colour of the water. If i was a gpg i would love the way you care and decorate. Cheers mick
  12. @clickme coral rubble is good for marine and african tanks but not for americans or other soft water fish. I use scoria for americans because it's inert. @liquidg i gathered it would be a diy as you've mentioned before that you build most stuff yourself but were would i start looking for these alternatives? Also I've seen marine pure blocks that are about the size of a house brick, would they be good for bacteria that consumes nitrate? I reckon the centre of them would be an extremely low flow, low oxygen area which if i remember correctly is the right conditions for that type of bacteria or would large pieces of dead coral work as well or better? Cheers mick
  13. I have been using this stuff in my planted shrimp tanks, each piece is about the size of a ceramic ring but they are solid. It works on the same principle of as it breaks down it releases calcium and magnesium. I have noticed that plants grow a little bit quicker and have better colour. It also helps the shrimp colours and more importantly the molting process. Cheers mick
  14. I think g man means things like coral rubble for media. As it breaks down over time it releases calcium into the water which is good to keep balance as fish, plants and coral all use calcium. The qurstion i have for @liquidg is what are good prefilters that i can use. Cheers mick
  15. @liquidg I'm old school and i cant help it, it works and i dont have to wash filter socks. Here is a crude drawing i done years ago, you could probably find better media to use but its a start. Cheers mick
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