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  1. not sure about smart but I see heaps of videos of people playing with their flowerhorns if you're after something interactive
  2. most people I spoke to about edible fish said they didn't taste too good unless you put them in clean water for a week or two to flush them. My approach is more from a hobby side, if the goldys breed I have feeders and I'm looking at getting some balzanii as they do well up here over winter. I've had some Africans in the system for summer and also have 3 silver perch so I might give one a chew when they're bigger and do a review.
  3. Hi billfish, I'm not sure of the micron but I will get it checked. I have fed it to ram, cory, African and American fry, not sure about the killies. cheers, mick
  4. I wouldn't survive winter in Warwick lol
  5. I have heard that the piaa is trying to get pet shops classed as essential services to keep them open. we have animals to keep alive. I have just launched a range of shrimp food, minerals and fry powder that are made here from australian ingredients, could be a good time or a really bad time to start. cheers, mick
  6. there has been a slight upgrade. should be able to produce anything now. The bn line in the system have been in outside ponds for a few years, they just stop breeding over winter. cheers, mick
  7. what sort of timer are you using? my main worry is the timer failing. I haven't found a reliable brand that doesn't stop eventually. cheers mick
  8. there is a member on here @KillieOrCory that sells vinegar eels. haven't seen him around for a while but it could be worth a try. cheers mick
  9. hi mate, I run a luguna 7000lph turned down with a valve. I am setting up a larger system soon and will be experimenting with 12v pumps on a timer so they only run for 20 minutes every hour. if it works I could run the system off grid. cheers mick
  10. the turtles will eat every plant, the dovii and jag will shred them. you could build a separate section for the plants and flow water through it before it goes back to the pond. cheers mick
  11. welcome to the forum. you should put up some pics of the favourites that stayed and the pond. don't worry about going too deep into the hobby, we all do it lol. cheers, mick
  12. I have started feeling the love for the humble fighting fish recently. the small tanks makes life so easy compared to keeping americans. keen to see everyone's fish and setups so I will start. cheers, mick
  13. hi all, in the last year I have been running aquaponics. I recommend anyone to give it a go, just feed the fish and add some nutrients. I even dump all my water change water into the system. it's got goldfish in the black ibc with bn and guppies in the white/sump ibc. I've mostly grown green leafy Vegetables but I'm experimenting with cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum to name a few. anyway, time for pics. cheers mick
  14. let's get this staff tip of the day happening again @Donny@ageofaquariums. cheers, mick
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