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  1. Anyone got spongebobs phone number? He's probably in jail by now i guess lol
  2. 1 male longfin 12cm $40 Pickup from browns plains 0407831090
  3. Hey Ronny, need them gone asap Had a cleanout and all catties are in 1 tank together atm
  4. 6 Albino Bristlenose Most likely female heavy 7cm Take the 6 for $100 Pickup from Browns Plains 0407831090
  5. Breeding Pair of Longfins 11cm $100 Pickup from Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  6. Hey Mick I will take all the logs again thanks could i pick up from forestlake again sometime? or i am at browns plains at work if ya wanna drop em in to me ? pls text or ring 0407831090
  7. A couple of things to try Remove male after fertilisation to another tank and let female rear the fry Remove the eggs and hatch them in another tank? ( but still seperate the parents because the male will still kill the female) I use to breed aggressive americans (particularly texas) in colonies like africans, one male and four or more females to share the aggression, with heaps of hiding structure, remove the eggs after fertilisation, and the male would move on to the next female in waiting - thats if you want heeeeaps of fry But if you are breeding them to enjoy the experience, probably the best experiment would be to simply add dither fish to enhance the curviceps parental bond together
  8. ive never had facebook either and never will lets start a "no facebook members only" store
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