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  1. ive never had facebook either and never will lets start a "no facebook members only" store
  2. Some nice peppies for sale 3-4cm 5 for $50 5-6cm 3 for $50 Pickup from Windaroo or Browns Plains 0407831090
  3. Just wondering when next Springwood auction is? i thought it might be comin up this month?
  4. Hi Ive got 14 mixed adult angels to move on as i am draining their tank. $100 for all 14 if u like? 0407831090 Windaroo near beenleigh
  5. The snail shells would explain the reason for high hardness level. Bear in mind there are different minerals which together determine outcome of TOTAL hardness. In your case it sounds like shells are contributing to increasing calcium hardness and therefore raising total hardness. You said your fish are all doing well, so as mentioned many times before, concentrate more on stability in your water chemistry. Perhaps remove shells and clay s lo wl y over time if you're that keen to lower hardness level.
  6. Sounds like it might be a sausage fest..........
  7. and if it leaves a snail trail - its a female jus tryin to help tis all
  8. Tunze care magnet the bestest by farest no scratchness oversnoutness
  9. Sooooooo...... Did u buy a test kit?
  10. Still amazes me to this day that customers buying and setting up new tanks are not sold a basic ammonia/nitrite/nitrate test kit as a compulsory purchase with the tank....... Or even keeping any fish at all at any stage without one...... shit that doesnt make sense ,it makes me a bit angry when shit doesnt make any sense.... it's just dumb weird shit
  11. You can buy plastic strips like the H mould u mentioned from bunnings. Its usually near the roller doors out in the timber section (its normally used for joining sheets of fibro sheeting or similar sheeting. Or you could simply drill a small hole in front lid to act as a handle. If you have lots of tanks, sliding lids are the go
  12. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa located next to uranus
  13. Im sick of reading "for sale ads" without a location/suburb and without a phone contact number. It drives me NUTS I mean, FFS its common sense End of rant .......
  14. I seventh the motion ! Been the most informative site for me since before i had any grey hair..... But more importantly the most entertaining..... Where else would i have found out that convicts are mouthbrooders and peppermints are so called because they lay green eggs...
  15. I use a tds meter everyday at work. Trust me we have tried a lot of them, and the cheap ones are shit. This one is the most reliable that we have found and doesnt go out of calibration frequently. Hope whatever you require it for justifies the cost though....
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