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  1. I have a few excess Albino Longfin Males available. Approx size 10-12cm. Beautiful golden colour $50 each or cheaper for more than 1 at a time 0407831090 Pickup from near Beenleigh or Browns Plains.
  2. Pair of Red Sevs

    Yes sorry These have been sold
  3. You coulda got some from Pet City, they had some awhile back before christmas.
  4. Coooool !!! You could sell them to John West ?
  5. Or on the southside too please? im chasin some too
  6. Pair of Red Sevs

    Thanks Kevvy ! Yes i bought these off Kev ages ago as toddlers.... My pic doesnt do them justice. Anyways.... they are sold i think.
  7. Pair of Red Sevs

    Near beenleigh. Or i can take them to work with me at browns plains
  8. Pair of Red Sevs

    Pretty keen to free up the tub asap. Open to offers? 0407831090
  9. Any other good forums?

    Pornhub is pretty good
  10. I have just 1 pair of Red Sevs for sale. Male is about 9-10cm Female is about 7-8cm Nice young pair that i have had outside growing in a tub, but unfortunately i need the tub for other fish. Have showed signs of spawning but have not bred yet. $150 for the pair. Pick up from Windaroo. Bring your own bucket. Darren 0407831090 ( sorry bout the shit pic, i cant take one of them in a nice clean fish tank)
  11. angle fish

    Yer i remember that raycam I saw sum that were really really inbred and they were 180o and they swam backwards Just sayin is all
  12. angle fish

    Any pics? It could be a hybrid and maybe its an angle and not an angel?
  13. Anyone got Shauns number please? I lost it I miss the old fart Cause geeeeezz wat a legend Might even give him a big kiss (French style) But keepin pants on @ssdiscus @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ He's probably busy stickin pins in peoples eyes n shit Oh well hey..... bout the only time a small prick is a good thing
  14. Geophagus Wanted

    Thanks Stace and Chickadee and Kyle too. I am in the middlle of rescaping tank, having a rethink atm on stock types, but i do appreciate your responses
  15. Geophagus Wanted

    Brisbane southside