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  1. Offtopic

    Yer i never did bother askin for the password either.... Sorta gives me the guilts like i'm bein norty or sumthin... is there porn in there? Or maybe theres a RED ROOM with whips n shit Or maybe how to send a long range missile to our mate Kimmy Ongy. Or maybe how to breed mouth brooding convicts even? Do we need to show ID ? Its all soooo secretive..... Actually im getting a bit aroused now , Mods please please pm me password ASAP
  2. I use to throw new fish arrivals into a bucket with the water they came with.(quite often ph low if been in bag for extended time) Throw in an air stone, drip feed my water into the bucket over an hour or two or three, or sometimes days. Also added a splash of Fraction or similar to neutralise ammonium change to ammonia with anticipated ph increase. Seemed to account for all water parameter changes that way. Also converted some nice salt/brackish water species to fresh water the same way.
  3. What's your latest interest??

    Bus rides
  4. Fossorochromis Rostratus

    Beautiful fish mate! When u move them in to the bigger tank consider using fine beach sand as a substrate. I remember watching mine dissapear in to the sand completely when threatened!! They also love to sift through the sand. Really underrated fish the Rostratus.
  5. Best Algae Cleaner

    Good one ! Up there for thinkin, down there for dancin.....
  6. Best Algae Cleaner

    I use the stainless steel blade And i have the large model. I dont dare skip round the corner like that!!
  7. Best Algae Cleaner

    Yes thats right, it doesnt go round corners cause the inside half doesnt float like the velcro style do. Thats why i need the mrs to hold the outside half against glass when i am changing to the next glass panel.
  8. Best Algae Cleaner

    I scratched my tank more times using velcro style and having substrate particles slipping in between velcro and glass = scratches. Tunze care magnet - never had one scratch yet, and much better at removing algae and even calcium build up especially (when it was a marine tank) Like i said though, if u go too fast and inner magnet falls to bottom you have to go fishing for it - it doesnt float. I have a tank in a wall and have to get the mrs to hold one of the tunze magnets on the outside while i put the inside half against it if you know wat i mean ?
  9. Best Algae Cleaner

    No. 1..... the obvious - Bristlenose No. 2.... Tunze Care Magnet........ awesome ! Leaves velcro style for dead. Only one negative - the inside half doesnt float.......
  10. MEMES

  11. Marble Longfin Bristlenose

    Thanks for the longfannys Pete Awesome quality fish as usual ! Wow !
  12. Marble Longfin Bristlenose

    Hiya Pete I'll take 6 of the little bugggers Have pmed ya
  13. your fishing pics

  14. If that is what you would like to achieve, you could buy bulk juvies of red sevs and line breed the golds back into them. Quite ironic how this fish world works..... Supply and demand i mean that is.
  15. Aquarium Market Day 22nd July

    How many Viagoro's do i get for my gold coin ? Just wondering if this Viagoro Hall is cheaper than Chemist Warehouse tis all. P.S. Nevvy might know ....