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  1. Common bristlenose breeders 22 fish in total Ranging from 6cm to 10cm $150 the lot Pickup from Windaroo near Beenleigh or Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  2. Albino Bristlenose Nice golden colour - not the s hit pale ones 65 in total Ranging from 3cm to 5-6cm Take the lot for $150 Pickup is from Windaroo near Beenleigh or Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  3. Peppermints 20 in total Ranging from 4cm to around 6-7cm Most would be around 6cm Take the lot for $250 Pickup is from Windaroo near Beenleigh or Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  4. Yea well he told me that when i last visited him 3 yesrs ago ffs Pfffffffft Might hav to just use my old left over orchy bottle bongs instead Damn it (For medicinal use of course)
  5. hahahaa Oh Shaunyy Whatever the Angle - i dont mind i'm just happy when i'm bent.......... p.s i need sum large bristlenose logs, got any? trevy wont send me any
  6. A couple of things to try Remove male after fertilisation to another tank and let female rear the fry Remove the eggs and hatch them in another tank? ( but still seperate the parents because the male will still kill the female) I use to breed aggressive americans (particularly texas) in colonies like africans, one male and four or more females to share the aggression, with heaps of hiding structure, remove the eggs after fertilisation, and the male would move on to the next female in waiting - thats if you want heeeeaps of fry But if you are breeding them to enjoy the experience, probably the best experiment would be to simply add dither fish to enhance the curviceps parental bond together
  7. ive never had facebook either and never will lets start a "no facebook members only" store
  8. Some nice peppies for sale 3-4cm 5 for $50 5-6cm 3 for $50 Pickup from Windaroo or Browns Plains 0407831090
  9. Just wondering when next Springwood auction is? i thought it might be comin up this month?
  10. The snail shells would explain the reason for high hardness level. Bear in mind there are different minerals which together determine outcome of TOTAL hardness. In your case it sounds like shells are contributing to increasing calcium hardness and therefore raising total hardness. You said your fish are all doing well, so as mentioned many times before, concentrate more on stability in your water chemistry. Perhaps remove shells and clay s lo wl y over time if you're that keen to lower hardness level.
  11. Sounds like it might be a sausage fest..........
  12. and if it leaves a snail trail - its a female jus tryin to help tis all
  13. Tunze care magnet the bestest by farest no scratchness oversnoutness
  14. Sooooooo...... Did u buy a test kit?
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