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  1. If that is what you would like to achieve, you could buy bulk juvies of red sevs and line breed the golds back into them. Quite ironic how this fish world works..... Supply and demand i mean that is.
  2. How many Viagoro's do i get for my gold coin ? Just wondering if this Viagoro Hall is cheaper than Chemist Warehouse tis all. P.S. Nevvy might know ....
  3. Best to store eggs in the fridge once opened. As mentioned perhaps the water temp is too low in your hatching container in this colder weather for successful hatch rate.
  4. Yes, regardless of tank location and insulation circumstances, i would have 2 x 300watt heaters. Unless you are keeping goldfish or sum other lower temp fish?
  5. Real nice yellows Jonas !
  6. Sounds like one of them stoopid red n blue calibration thingamigs on it. Man they are sooo unnecessary imo. Sounds a bit under for 600l too, depends where tank is situated as well i guess, lids etc etc I always worked on one watt per litre, until the ridiculous hits then just heat the room. These other claims for submersible heaters seem too outrageous, afterall power output is power output.....
  7. Hows about a bit of Cabarita Spit Roast ?
  8. Wooops Forgot to add a fish pic in order to comply.
  9. I love you Cammy . And i have asked Steve to delete this silly thread.
  10. Here is a friendly idea. This is something that is missing. And if you stoopid mods move this to off topic, ewes are just plain dumb.
  11. Well described Donny ! Plus you still have just a teeny bit of energy left to explain it all yet again. Must be for the love of the hobby i reckon.
  12. Yep wooowza !
  13. Hahaaaaaa Good onya kids - thats sum funny shit!