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  1. Hey Ronny, need them gone asap Had a cleanout and all catties are in 1 tank together atm
  2. 6 Albino Bristlenose Most likely female heavy 7cm Take the 6 for $100 Pickup from Browns Plains 0407831090
  3. 1 male marble 4 common females 9-11cm $100 for the 5 Pick up from Browns Plains 0407831090
  4. Breeding Pair of Longfins 11cm $100 Pickup from Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  5. Pair of longfins 11cm $100 Pickup from Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  6. Red Guppys Males and big fat preggas females 100 for $50 Pickup from Windaroo this weekend or otherwise Browns Plains during weekdays 0407831090
  7. Hey Mick I will take all the logs again thanks could i pick up from forestlake again sometime? or i am at browns plains at work if ya wanna drop em in to me ? pls text or ring 0407831090
  8. Think i saw that on pornhub awhile ago
  9. Hey Craigo Thanks for your reply mate but i think im all sorted, will get back to you if it doesnt work out
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