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  1. Fry Savers

    Years ago, i also have used dedicated tanks with plastic strainers lined up in rows that simply just float on the water surface......
  2. Fry Savers

    You could try cutting some finer net to line the inside. I use these to raise peppermint fry outdoors with good success, and theyre pretty cheap too, plus i like to fiddle and experiment, they come in handy as media baskets for sumps as well ☺
  3. Fry Savers


    text sent
  5. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Smiths Aquarium has them if that helps
  6. Not so native guppy population

    No thanks Donny, one of you is enuff matey.... ☺
  7. Recipe for breeding KFC is.... 2kg's of fat Hold the chicken thanks
  8. and sum nice Angels
  9. catfish, cat fish and catfish............. and fancy shmancy guppies...... and plarrrrrnts..... and americanos...... and sum KFC too
  10. spilorincus colony f/s

    I bought these of Kev years ago at 4cm. They grew to be beautiful fish in a display i had back then. pics dont do them justice
  11. spilorincus colony f/s

    Yep thats them ! Beautiful big fish !
  12. Glass Cleaning

    I dunno bout $130......??? Theyre $60 at AOA i think Less 10% = $54
  13. Heater advice

    The jager calibration system is silly/unnecessary
  14. Glass Cleaning

    One word Tunzecaremagnet
  15. Peppermints

    Hey Kaleb Yep can do Pls call or text for pickup 0407831090