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  1. Woooooow Nice one Savvy!! You sure do have some nice Americanos.....!!! For an old fart Wonder wat else u got stashed away ay .... P.S. would you take 100 shillings and 100 thripence for them? (Your kinda currency thats all)
  2. The correct name if its male is Scubasteve. (AKA Muff Diver )
  3. Lucky most people from India are Hindu. If you got the barrel from a muslim country you might have to send it back anyway. Just sayin is all... Here to help
  4. Sounds like they are starving to death. You should be hatching your own live brine and feeding newly hatched brine small but frequent feeds daily after they are free swimming. There little tummies should be full of brine ( you can see there tummies with the naked eye when full of brine, a sort of brown/maroon colour) Convert to powdered food later Keep going, once you raise one batch you wont look back - gotta love a tank full of Angel juvies!
  5. Bloody hell Cant an innocent bloke ask if his fellow mankind is doing ok with his personal hygiene these days?
  6. He didnt happen to have an itchy ass by any chance?
  7. Some of the eggs are looking like they could possibly be infertile (pale colour) to start with.
  8. Awww shit scottsy thanks matey Careful..... i cry easy these days Yea i love referencing back to real photos, wish i had taken more. I hope current breeders are keeping files of all their fish these days, bloody invaluable they are !
  9. Or under lazybonezz on here
  10. And then i see a pic of THIS which was sold on here recently and i dont have a problem wiith them being called red sevs. Just my lil ol opinion tis all
  11. Heres a pic of one of the gold sevs i was breeding 8 years ago.... A female gold , not real great is it, with a little green male. But that was typical of the quality around back then with golds. I meant to make a mission of improving my own line but didnt.
  12. Whatever they call them - thank goodness theyre here ! What a beautiful fish ! The old/existing lines of Gold Sevs were shit, shoulda kept breeding em and called em White Sevs And where did the new Blue Sevs go? Probably hangin out with the longfanny pepps?
  13. I use a pool filter sock for $1 and a tee so i dont have to cut an elbow.
  14. I hung the ol fella over my outdoor tubs to start my nitrogen cycle and subsequently green water galore I would wait until cycle has completed though before adding ammonia/nitrites to ya daphies Just load up on broccoli and beans earlier in the day. hth.
  15. I second Winston's motion Sometimes you just cant beat old school techernologgggy