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  1. Not an auction but opportunity to purchase some goods from breeders..... Saturday July 9th Q.F.A.S. Market Day Please note different times Following suggestions from people at the ipswich market day this will be a twilight market day. Set up from 4.00 pm Open to public 5.00 pm finishes 8.00pm. Bar Jai hall 178 Alexandra road Clayfield.
  2. there were a few lots of gold vine that were passed in, all same price $10 per piece.... Very similar to pic... Best time to grab a bargain is when a bargain is to be had....
  3. Yes to Apistogramma, some, cacatuoides, agassizzi, borelli come to mind... We got some cacatuoides.... Nice fish to, already showing some colour on a couple, a bit small do a guess as to how many M/F. Cheers
  4. Congratulations to the team that Ran the show last night. We have attended quite a few auctions over the past few years and this was one of the best run and quickest. Personally, because of the rule change of not going backwards from the starting reserve, I think this made sure lots were bid on from the get go. Buyers did not sit there and wait for lots to go down before commencing bidding. Well done, I suggest all auctions are under the same rule in future. Great night cheers to all.
  5. Just bought a Titan g2 1000watt on the weekend to replace 3 eheim heaters, one less than 12 months old. we lost faith in all of them, we were getting temperature spikes, temp drops, could not get them calibrated correctly any which way. We have 3 thermometers on our tank, just to keep a check on the heaters. I came home last Friday night, and the high temp alarm is going off on one of the thermometers, That was the final straw... I just gave up... So far very impressed with the g2, water change of 260ltrs yesterday afternoon at 6pm dropped the tank from 28 (we have discus) to 22.. By 9pm last night it was back to 28. Cheers
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  7. We use rain water all the time and have done for about 3 years with discus. We always add a neutraliser just in case, such as supachlor as it can do no harm. Only additives are plant fertilisers. Try this link for some further information on disease Disease 30 years experience keeping and breeding Discus fish Former editor of Our Discus Magazine a North American Discus Society Publication Cheers
  8. We treat the whole tank, 450ltr tank, 50% water changes weekly, add supachlor for the 450ltrs...
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  11. Unscented bleach works a treat, about a 10% solution from 2 minutes for delicate plants, up to 5 minutes for your tougher plants... Cheers
  12. Thxs, might leave it til next weekend.
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