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  1. Wild caught list????

    We need a politician that's a fish keeper
  2. WTB Neolamprologus pulcher

    I have some - Morayfield
  3. WTB boraras brigittae

    Try Fishchick Aquatics
  4. looking For Some Large Bosmani

    @Turlz I have some - check out my page on FB
  5. Auction this weekend

    No they don't list the fish coming up on the night but perhaps they could have a whiteboard with the lots as they come up with species types @xysti53??
  6. Auction this weekend

    Hopefully the final one for the year next month will be a big night - the weather didn't help but I think most sellers sold all of their fish so was a win win for everyone!!
  7. Auction this weekend

    7 sellers and lots of bargains - even did PASS INS which hasn't been done for EVER. Royal whiptail females 15cm+ $20ea!!! Longfin bristlenose $5ea!! So many bargains and all done by 8.30pm If you don't go to auctions you really need to!! All auctions are organised and put on by varying clubs QLD, the clubs have monthly meetings and are a great way to pick up insider tips for spawning and keeping difficult species in the hobby - if you consider yourself a true hobbyist join a club!!
  8. What types of americans are you after?
  9. Lack of Imports is killing the hobby

    As the saying goes - don't know what you've got till it's gone

    7cm sailfin pleco $25ea
  11. Red head geo

    I'm on here everyday who am I kidding

    I have some at Superfish Aquatics Morayfield
  13. Red head geo

    Haven't been on here much lately but don't Sale posts have prices to help sell the fish? or "they must be free"