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  1. Lungfish Breeders

    Google him
  2. I have a friend with angelicus if you're keen i'll find out
  3. Lungfish Breeders

    Fish Master Marvelous had them - might still
  4. Shells

    I sell shells www.superfishaquatics.com.au - email for special orders info@superfishaquatics.com.au
  5. Leleupi, altolamprologus Compressiceps, helianthus + more
  6. Sorry if you missed the auction but it was GREAT!! This post has been up since Tuesday but our club volunteers are spread thinly best to go directly to qfas website www.qfas.org - find which club is local to you, join it and always be in the know
  7. I have 2 left, i recently sold to a wholesaler, fry growing be a couple of weeks away. Multis only get to 4.5cm
  8. @wadedidit I have some available and getting gold occies soon
  9. Geophagus Wanted

    Hey Darren i have Heckeli available 8-9cm $15
  10. cichlid posters

    try eBay Tech Den may have some also
  11. WTB: Orange Head Tapajos

    I have red humps also
  12. WTB: Orange Head Tapajos

    @Harris. I am the suburb before Caboolture - Best to PM me for contact info
  13. WTB: Orange Head Tapajos

    I have 1 OHT 9-10cm available can order more $20ea shipping from $15
  14. Hi Kai @crayonchan I have a customer ordering some from me in a few weeks - pm me for contact info Thanks Stacey