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  1. wtb Compressiceps

    Pm's replied
  2. WTB 6 ft x 18 x 18

    @Rare Fish
  3. xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese

    @The Fishroom
  4. EOI - apistogramma sp

    @Jayden Cats
  5. Wtb geophagus

    I have red humps, red horse face, oht and brasiliensis located Morayfield, shipping from $15/box
  6. wtb Compressiceps

    Hi i have 4cm ones and starting to breed - can sex $20ea Morayfield - shipping from $15/box
  7. Hi @hithere I'm doing an order today was meaning to get back to you yesterday about them, pm me how many you wanted. Ottos $10ea
  8. Aquarium Market Day 22nd July

    Epic day and great turn out, not sure how but next time i will have MORE fish there Thanks to organizers and supporters
  9. Aquarium Market Day 22nd July

    Who's coming?????