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  1. Fish Master Marvelous had them - might still
  2. I sell shells www.superfishaquatics.com.au - email for special orders info@superfishaquatics.com.au
  3. Leleupi, altolamprologus Compressiceps, helianthus + more
  4. Sorry if you missed the auction but it was GREAT!! This post has been up since Tuesday but our club volunteers are spread thinly best to go directly to qfas website www.qfas.org - find which club is local to you, join it and always be in the know
  5. Thanks Donny @Donny@ageofaquariums for being a great guy and all round fish wiki
  6. @billfish I’m not too sure what ones were there but I can order some in
  7. Was a great night My score of the night was the moss ball for $6 WINNING!! Not many pass in and the ones that were passed in i'm putting that down to @xysti53 being away in hospital (take care Graham) REALLY REALLY NEEDED THE CANTEEN THOUGH!!
  8. Post pics/video Do a water test before water change Water change 1/3 - 1/4 weekly Whitespot and false fungal I believe can both be treated with copper or other similar white spot treatments etc. Lympho best to isolate and keep in optimum conditions - sedating the fish it can be removed in some cases. Indian Almond Leaves have medicinal purposes for fungal and bacterial - wouldn't harm the fish to add some
  9. Personal faves not that i use them now would be Doxycycline At home maybe Trisulfa tabs if serious enough but Copper Sulfate is my main go to these days
  10. Could be white spot. false fungal infection or lymphocyctus - if Lympho it is supposed to be contagious by contact and untreatable but can disappear on it's own with optimum water conditions
  11. I’ll be bringing HEAPS of stuff as always. Guppys Platys Gourami Rainbows Catfish Tetras Loaches Cichlids Plants Dry Goods
  12. As far as I know there are no direct German imports - they come from Asia - where they mostly did before anyway
  13. We may be able to have a white board with the lots that are about to come up there on the night if the sellers want to write it up before their lot's up but we are already so thinly stretched with helpers so this may not be viable all night if at all. Best to ask for what you're after
  14. copper sulfate and distilled water is all i use and i swear by it - PM me for dose rates and recipe
  15. ^^ LOL these are not importable, all bred locally - I know the breeder
  16. OMG white buckets freak fish out??? What about the white styrofoam boxes that they are packed in and sent all over the world?? Think that’s the last thing they worry about - darkening the container or box helps but in my 10yrs + experience shipping there has been no problems using white buckets lol
  17. same treatments can blue planet brand should be available for both will be fine for kuhli and should be fine for shrimp
  18. It’s probably mouth fungus. same treatments can be used for both diseases. try to get some trisulfa and tetracycline and double dose tetracycline. Columnaris is usually a pretty quick killer and it is pretty easy to spot from tail rot to just a few rays left pertruding. pics?
  19. We need a politician that's a fish keeper
  20. @Turlz I have some - check out my page on FB
  21. No they don't list the fish coming up on the night but perhaps they could have a whiteboard with the lots as they come up with species types @xysti53??
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