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  1. Going by tank sizes you'd have to keep the discus and future peps in the 3ft and move on the platys, bn and clown. Planting that out would be fun but handy to keep that loach on hand for snails you'll most likely introduce with the plants. As for the 2ft, shell dwellers like dwarf sumbu, multis or similar sized tangs would be suitable. Always ends in more tanks when they start pumping fry though so be prepared haha. Local water is great for cichlids yes because of the ph but great for discus and tropicals in that it's soft. Either way you'll have to harden your water for africans and alter your ph for tropicals. Driftwood, coral and Texas holey are your common permanent buffers. All the best with it
  2. Bit of variety... Techden cichlid crumble, fluval tropical pellets, sera flake and alternate between blackworm and brine shrimp. What would you suggest?
  3. Thanks for the input. I wouldn't have thought there could be so much difference with this species but makes sense when you look at frontosa. Attached a pic of a parent the seller sent me, still a nice looking fish regardless, might just be his lights that make the yellow pop. Cheers
  4. I see a lot of other daffs with brighter/bolder colours, mine are still young, biggest around 10cm. Just wondering if it's my dark scaped tank or do the colours become bolder with age/breeding/maturity?? Any info from experience would be great. Thanks
  5. Awesome, cheers mate Might just pack in the media and some filter wool to maybe slow it down a little. Definitely putting some plants in there. Will post a pic and check the flow over the weekend, guess I can always angle it downward if it's excessive. Thanks
  6. Hi all Just about to set up another tank to hold my Daffodil Pulcher fry @ 3-5cm. It's a standard 2x1x15", I would like to hook up my 2215 eheim to it but I'm afraid it'll be too much flow for the little guys. They're currently in a 42cm cube with a 2213 and that flow seems plenty. Being roughly the same volume would it be better to use my spare fluval 206? Far rather the eheim but whatever is best for the fish.
  7. Alright sweet Thanks again Might give it a shot and see how it goes.
  8. Ok cheers, think I'll stick with the jager then and put the hydor on a 300lt tank. Thanks
  9. Hi Just wondering if anyone has used the hydor 300w inline heater? Is it capable of heating a 6x2x2 (550-600lt)? Or should I stick to the good old jager 300W? I have both and trust the jager but a heater that's out of sight is pretty sweet. Any experiences would be great to hear about Cheers
  10. Just though I'd show my 3x18x2, yea I've added a few extra plants but can still see some good growth. 6 hrs light per day for 3 months, worx led and fish waste only haha. Cheers AOA
  11. Cool Thankyou, already have a 4lt CO2 kit with solenoid and 35lt of Cal Aqua Labs Black Earth so should be good. I wasn't sure about the discus either but my local supplier/importer suggested 4-6 larger or 8-10 small. I'm going with 6 small so should be alright. Just hope I can put some of my Christmas moss and fissidens in there. Thanks Tristan
  12. Hi Currently putting together a tank for my discus and wondering if the Kessil amazon sun will be enough for my tank size, mainly low to med light plants and hopefully place mosses certain places if I can. Will have co2 added as well. Tank is 72x57x70h cm Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  13. Yea now I think of it she'd barely have much turning space. Best stick to the 4ft I think haha Cheers anyway.
  14. Just wondering if it would be cruel to keep my festae female in a tank I recently got. The tank is 72x57x70h She is around 30cm long and 6cm wide, probably one of the biggest most people have ever seen. She basically sits in her log all day until I get home and she comes up to be hand fed. She doesn't swim the length of the 3x2x2 she is in now but I just think it might be a bad move putting her in something even smaller. my other option is a 3x18x2h or the 4x18x2h I was originally going to put her in to live out the rest of her days. Let me know what you'd think but I'm pretty sure most will suggest the largest tank possible. Thanks :-)
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