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  1. i was just wondering if there is any chance you may still have any geos left for sale especially chasing Heckelii. i realise how old the post is but thought i would try my luck anyways

    thanks leeroy and rosie

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  3. Hi Sarg - Temp should be fine. I keep most of my Geos around 30 deg. You are right to check the parameters. Might pay to make the water slightly more acidic - try 6.7 -7. Aeration/water movement is vital. I know it sounds crazy but are you watching them after feeding ? I find that some geo species ( and indivduals ) can become lethargic after gorging themselves. Maybe cut the feed to once a day or skip a day and see how that goes.
  4. Cheers guys. I have to say I was, and still am, gobsmacked by it. G
  5. Tell me if I am being harsh ...... After selling 100's of one particular type of bristlenose I took a call from a very unhappy customer today - for the first time ever. 26 hours ago I sold 10 juvies to someone who just called to say that 6 had died of bloat and that they wanted replacements or cash back. In the batch they came from I have lost a total of 1 fish in 2 months and all I have left are doing well. I have sold 40 fish from the batch and have not heard of any issues from other customers. I asked the customer did they check the PH before introducing them to their new tank - answer - "No because they are in the same water" This answer confused me as I sold them in a small bag. They then said that they are and have been in this bucket since their purchase 26 hours prior and through a 30 deg day. I asked if they had a heating source or any aeration - answer "No and I have kept fish like this before" I was taken aback by this treatment of these fish and how I was blamed for selling fish with bloat. I suggested he call any LFS and ask them if they felt that such conditions would likely kill these fish. They dismissed this suggestion. I declined their request for replacement fish or refund and they became very very abusive. Am I right in saying the death of these fish is almost certainly not my fault and that no refund or replacement is appropriate ? I would love to hear your very honest thoughts. Cheers G
  6. http://www.plecofanatics.com/forum/show ... hp?t=77674 MODS - if you are unhappy with this post please feel free to delete ! Cheers G
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