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    I have 2 Juwel Rio 400 tanks. 1 set up for male haps and peacocks, the other setup for a couple of oscars, a gold severum and a jag
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    Book Collecting
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    Oil Refinery Operator

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  1. Hi, anyone interested in swapping a 10cm ism male Red Devil for my 14cm Female Polleni? im at Samford... North side
  2. Ah... Chemistry!!.... I wanted a chemistry joke, but.... All the good ones Argon...
  3. Sure is...and still a great shop!!
  4. Thanks to Matt AKA @tuffy_rana they have gone to a new home! cheers Gary
  5. Pickup Samford... Not necessarily first response gets them cheers Gary
  6. Hey Donny....yeah mate got them on the Hikari Blood Parrot pellets... Merry Christmas mate 👍🏻👍🏻
  7. Bought myself these guys for Christmas...2 Super Red Sev's, 2 Blood Parrots, 1 Gold and 1 camera shy Green Sev Very harmonious tank!.... So far...
  8. Yeah Ok.... Make me an offer via pm mate Cheers Gary
  9. Anyone willing to swap my girl? For male of similar size?
  10. If mine is a confirmed female, we could work something out 😊👍🏻
  11. Its a about 12-13 cm total length... not sure I understand the spotting question??.... The spots are as pictured??
  12. I'll let the pic do the sales pitch 😜 $120 non negotiable!!
  13. Yeah cheers mate... Spoke to Hung(spelling?) today and he's getting some for me
  14. Start your own post... Don't hijack mine???
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