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  1. Had the pleasure of visiting the TechDen on Wednesday on a rare trip to Brissy. Thankyou John for your advice on impellers and to the staff member that helped me. Great service, friendly, informative and understands that every one of us knows that the way we do things is way better than anyone else does (haha). The prices were incredible after paying Gympie prices. Half the price we have to pay here for a lot things here. And left with a swag of free samples of different fish foods to try. I forgot to mention I was a QLDAF member for my discount but they made sure to check if I was which was greatly appreciated. I will definitely be buying online from them from now on and drop in when I get the chance.
  2. I have 3 JDs in my 6ft community tank, 2 of which breed nearly every 3 weeks. They are sharing with (amongst other things) a 30cm gold spot Pleco, so I am not sure if they have been eating the eggs or the Pleco gets to them at night. They have managed to hatch them on one occasion but after they moved them they disappeared. They will be getting a tank of their own shortly so that should fix that problem anyway. What I am after is info on JDs, specifically spits, EBs etc. What does this mean? And about culling the "ugly" ones from the fry. Tried to find info in the forums but didn't have much luck. I've included a couple of pics of mine, sorry about the quality but they are in the corner of the tank and hard to get at.
  3. When lowering PH in a tropical tank using epsom salt how much is a good starting dose per 100l of tank water?
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