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  1. Main thing is to do a head count, as it can be the result of a fish decaying. The oils and fats of the corpse are much harder for the fitration to break down as they are lighter than water so seperate to the surface. Good to hear its under control, if it keeps coming back, consider looking into the OceanFree surface skimmer. Theres a few on the market but thats one of the cheapest ones, and its also the easiest to clean.
  2. Echinodorus..... but the species is tricky....... maybe argentinensis or subalatus? Google emerse grow sword plants and you should hit one. If you let the seed sprays go into the water they will grow into new plants.
  3. Stressed out padang frill goby by looks of it. Local rock pool species. Bathygobius cocosensis.
  4. A shame that the last few times this thread was created, it was deleted....... because all those people who contributed to it are pretty much gone now. Unless of course it was just moved to a mod subforum, in which case I would say go read those threads. A lot of effort went into constructive feedback on them. Effort that was casually discarded. If people feel their content can just be snuffed out in a second at the whim of any of the mods here, why would they bother putting effort into it? I remember putting effort into explaining why it was unlikely we could fix the Ellioti blood lines here by going into detail on my own efforts over several generations, only to have the thread removed by a mod who was selling them and didnt want to hear it. Certainly learnt me a lesson. You can't only value our content when its gone. Theres my 2 cents. I invested a fair amount of time here 20,000+ posts, much of it trying to help people having problems in the hobby. And yet my input on how to keep the forum pumping was considered "trouble making" and just deleted. Those threads had similar view counts to the most popular threads the forum has ever had (eg giant gourami billabong), and had pages of posts. We gave our suggestions when it mattered. Asking now.... you aint gonna get the answers from the people who are gone..... its not very logical.
  5. Photobucket is about to go down.......  another nail in the coffin here.


    1. tutters187



      i still come here to throw my weight around 

  6. Cant help on a good place to get glass cut, but following for replies as I get asked this a lot. Be good to have an answer for people.
  7. Had to log into QLDAF just to say that your moustache is awesome. When you left AOA all I could think is that man is off to dogfight Nazi and romance princesses! Outstanding Sir! Have a fine day and happy hunting :)


  8. "did some time", oh come now TD! I hear plenty of whispers and you aint that bad to work for!
  9. Theres still great specialty lfs out there if you look around. Superfish Aquatics had humpheads and electric yellows under $10 each. How are forums supposed to compete with bargains like that? Bloody lfs putting forums out of biznis!
  10. Those midikani 800 pumps are incredibly useful tools. I use mine during sump cleans and water changes on the small tanks.
  11. What do you mean you can't scape a reef @clickme ? Its step 2 after getting tech sorted. And you better get it right, as these little chance of changing it much once your inverts are attached and grown in.
  12. Once again, exactly what you are thinking! And the best bit is you can download them here without needing a credit card. Its worth checking out..... if yer into that sort of thing. Certainly gives you a different look at the old faves as well as an eye opener on exotics. ALL FOOTAGE WAS LEGAL IN THE COUNTRY IT WAS FILMED!!! Totally not suss at all. I mean this guys legit yea
  13. Fixed for ya @clickme Sorry for the confusion.
  14. Yea its not an optimal tank for a reef..... no sump to hide tech, the need to build up scape to get corals close to lights and having to clean canister way way more often. But as a fish only....... its basicly marine ready!
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