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    Currently keeping guppies. Which is different.
    Like to get out and cook over a fire. Then come home, and enjoy anew the wonders of modern civ.
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    Formly known as Deadfishfloating, and reloaded as Donny.
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  1. That moment when you find a decent new rental a few days before the end of the current lease......  aw hell yea! After 18 months I will have net again. Can use the phone as just a watch/phone again. Its not normal to be excited about adsl2 but in Australia it is! Literally moving 200 metres. Happy days :)

    1. peter m

      peter m

      Hope the move goes smoothly, and fish are ok

    2. Donny@ageofaquariums


      Thanks man. This is the moment when I wonder why the hell I am in this hobby.  Largest current tank is only a 6 footer :) Relief to not have to try organise help to move, altho its always a good social event. 

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