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    Currently keeping guppies. Which is different.
    Like to get out and cook over a fire. Then come home, and enjoy anew the wonders of modern civ.
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    Formly known as Deadfishfloating, and reloaded as Donny.
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    Fish, games, walking dead, books and living the dream.
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    Making christmas happen for AOA customers 365 days a year!

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  1. 99% of fish are moved. Once tanks were empty I discovered I mainly keep snails. So many. Cups of them. So....  I may be over feeding just a touch. Tell ya what, its easy to net and bag a few whole guppy tanks than it is to catch a single lecky yellow. And now sleep :) Moving is so lame.....  the things we do to get internets.

    1. Wild Aulonocara

      Wild Aulonocara

      You moved to get internet ? Im pretty sure any provider can hook you up for a service fee. 

    2. peter m

      peter m

      If you have enough snails you could open up a French restaurant   lol

    3. Donny@ageofaquariums


      I could only get satellite....  Australia really is the worst country for internet I have ever visited. It should be illegal for rentals to be advertised without mentioning theres no internets imho.

      But its not, so yea. Life goes on :)

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